2 Must-Know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
2 Must-Know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
Review: 2 Must-Know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
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Get the best 2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

There is no doubt that the Smartphone has changed our lives in the 21st century. The ultramodern device comprises numerous features into a single device and now we can enjoy multiple features in a single device. You can use the single device to capture some moments, play some music or movies or you can use it as a computer to complete your task using the internet or other tools. In brief, the invention of the smartphone is revolutionary. As the small gadget comprises numerous advanced features, it has become easy an easy target for the fraudsters and robbers. Pickpocketing or robbery has become a major concern for the smartphone users; however app developers have tried to utilize the vast potentials and tried to take the gadget to a whole new level.

Get the best 2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone
Get the best 2 Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

iPhone and features

Over time, Smartphone has got numerous advanced features you now it is really possible to detect a stolen or lost phone with some advanced tools and features. iPhone is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world and the journey had begun almost a decade back. The present iPhone, available nowadays is much different from the first generation iPhone introduced in 2007. iPhone was remarkably unique from the beginning of its journey and it attracted the millions of users with their stunning features. Now it is 2018 and the scenario has changed; now you shouldn’t worry about your lost or stolen iPhone as you can easily track it and get it back. If you are interested in monitoring solutions and techniques, you can visit https://www.phonespying.com/iphone-spy/ for more information. This article will highlight two effective methods to track a stolen/lost iPhone easily.

Here are 2 Methods to Track a Stolen iPhone

If you are willing to apply the most popular method to track your phone, the first option will be Find My iPhone. iPhone users avail a special feature that uses the iCloud platform and you can easily track the details of an iOS device by using this feature, so don’t worry and keep patience. The method is very effective and there are millions of people to use this feature for detecting their devices.

If you want to know an alternate way of tracking an iOS device, our recommendation will be an effective spy app. Nowadays you can find numerous spy and monitoring apps through which you can easily detect the real-time location and other activities on that device. These apps are generally used by partners, parents or CEOs to monitor their partners, kids or employees at different places. You can use these advanced tools to locate the real-time location of your device and get it back. We will help you to learn the technique in detail.

Way 1: Using Find My iPhone

Way 1: Using Find My iPhone
Way 1: Using Find My iPhone

Apple has incorporated numerous advanced features in the iPhone and one such feature is Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone uses the iCloud platform and you can use this feature to locate any iOS device anytime. We hope you can understand, how effective it would be to track a lost/stolen device.  There are many people who don’t even have an idea about the special feature available on their iPhones and they can use it to detect a lost/stolen phone easily. You just require an iCloud account to use this advanced feature. One good thing about Find My iPhone is that you can locate the location even if the phone is switched off. If you are wondering how to use and how to activate this feature, we will tell you everything. You have to follow some simple steps in order to activate this feature and the steps are described below;

Step 1

You have to open your phone settings on the iPhone

Step 2

You have to enter the iCloud ID to use this feature. In case, you don’t have it, you can sign up and it will take less than 5 minutes.

Step 3

Now you are legally permitted to avail this feature and you have to scroll down until you see Find My iPhone at the bottom.

Step 4

Once you find it, tap on it and now you have to choose the targeted device to track it on the maps.

Step 5

Once you choose the device you can track it. The process is very simple and we hope you won’t face any difficulty during the process.

Moreover, users can avail of other advanced features like “Lost Mode” to remotely set a lock whenever it is lost. This feature can also help you to find your lost iPhone easily. Nowadays smartphones come up with different sensors and they can detect the real-time location. This feature is very effective to detect a lost device and if you are an iPhone user, you must learn it.

Way 2: Using a spy/location tracking app

Way 2: Using a spy/location tracking app
Way 2: Using a spy/location tracking app

Nowadays, many people prefer using spy and different monitoring apps to safeguard their loved ones from unwanted perils on the internet. These apps can be found on the app.phonespying.com and they comprise highly developed spying features by which you can keep an eye on the online activities of another user without their knowledge. If you see your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can use the advanced apps to detect its location and control it with different features. If you are lucky, there is a possibility to get it back again.

Phone Spying comprise mandated monitoring features like real-time location tracking, remote access to the camera and microphone and remote lock feature are bringing a huge change in the scenario and you can use these tools to detect your stolen phone. Additional features include access files on the device, messages, chat, contacts etc. Actually, spy apps are not built for detecting a stolen phone, but you can utilize its potentiality to detect a stolen phone. If you want to use these apps, we recommend you to go through the reviews and features and choose an effective app to track an iPhone.


The above-mentioned techniques are two effective methods to detect a lost/stolen iPhone and next time you can use these advanced features to help someone in their time of need.


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