6 Proven Ways for Facebook Parental Controls
6 Proven Ways for Facebook Parental Controls
Review: 6 Proven Ways for Facebook Parental Controls
  • 1# PhoneSpying
  • 2# AppSpy
  • 3# NetSpy
  • 4# Net Nanny Social
  • 5# Qustodio
  • 6# Familoop Safeguard


Get 6 best-proven ways for Facebook parental control. You can use to watch the activities of your kids which they perform on their Facebook account.

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Get the best 6 Proven Ways or apps for Facebook Parental Controls

Social media sites like Facebook have become a favorite place for people especially the teenagers as this popular site around 1 million active users. Maybe your longtime school friends are on Facebook hence you can connect with them and contact via this site.  Today, every person uses this site to communicate with their friends and loved ones no matter how far or near they live. Although it is an amazing site to communicate there are also inappropriate contents available and uploaded by people who are not safe for the kids to watch.

Get the best 6 Proven Ways or apps for Facebook Parental Controls
Get the best 6 Proven Ways or apps for Facebook Parental Controls

Being a concerned parent, to ensure that your kids are accessing filtered posts, it is best to use Facebook parental control ways. There are several types of parent control ways available that you can use to watch the activities of your kids which they perform on their Facebook account. Hence, this application consists of 6 best-proven ways for Facebook parental control.

6 best and proven ways for Facebook parental control:

1# PhoneSpying

1# PhoneSpying
1# PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is one of the best and popular Facebook parental control app available today in the online market. The application can be easily connected to your kid’s phone and help you in tracking each and every movement. At present, this is one of the best parental control apps that are available at an affordable price. With the help of his app, you can easily track the location of your kid, call history, text messages, and installed application information.

In addition to it, you can track other applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram with this app. You just have to buy the subscription package of this app from its online website.

2# AppSpy

2# AppSpy
2# AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

This is the second best parental control way or app that is considered reliable Facebook parental control app available online. It helps you harness a nurturing surrounding social media for the kids. The application is available for FREE for a year and can easily run on three different devices at the same time. The application is compatible with all devices and offers the best services.

3# NetSpy

3# NetSpy
3# NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

If you are searching for a way that can help you track the activity of your family members then this application is best for you. The application offers its users 30 days of free trial which you can subscribe. Its different subscription packages are available for FREE. The application is compatible with all devices and helps supervise all the activities of your loved ones on social media.

4# Net Nanny Social

This application is the most trusted parental control app available for parents to track the activities of their kids on Facebook. You can simply link this app with your kid’s Facebook account and set up the app according to your requirements. Now you will automatically get the alerts for the activities performed by your kid. The application is available for $19.99 with a one-year subscription package.

5# Qustodio

This application is also known as “advanced Facebook monitoring” app that helps parents to know what their kids are doing on Facebook. The application helps you track all the movements of your kid Facebook activity, as well as the comments that are made by other people on your kids, uploaded pictures or videos. You just have to download this app on your kid’s device. Along with this, you have to purchase its subscription package for $45 for a year.

6# Familoop Safeguard

This app is considered the most secure parental control app that helps parents to keep a track on their kids and other family members activity which they perform online. The site even has a mobile app that will help you track other activities as well. The application offers various features and offers ten days trial package. After its trail package, you have to purchase its premium for $40 to run the app and track your kid’s Facebook activities.

All these applications are considered of great help to parents who worry about their kids. If you are a working parent then these apps are best for you that will help you get every minute detail of your kid’s Facebook account. Hence, there won’t be any need of going with kids wherever they go. You only have to install the app on their device and start monitoring their activities.

Why choose PhoneSpying for best Facebook Parental Control

However, if you seriously ask me which app I should choose, then I would recommend you to choose PhoneSpying app only. There are a lot of reasons to use this app.

  • The application is fully undetectable and does not require any special knowledge or skills to operate it.
  • It offers its users 24 hours of customer support service
  • The application is available with both paid and free version which you can choose as per your requirement.
  • With the help of this app, you can easily access all the social media sites that your kid uses
  • The application offers 100% accurate results

Along with spying on Facebook account, you can track and monitor other activities of your kid that he or she performs on his or her phone. You can track their phone call details whether incoming or outgoing, track the real-time location, get notifications and alerts, and crack the password using a keylogger and much more. All things can be possible with the help of this single app.

To use this app, you have to visit the official website of this app https://www.phonespying.com/install-mobile-spy-phonespying-android-phones/ and download the application on the target device. Now install the app and create a new account using email id and password. Now login to your account and visit the online control panel available. Here you will get all the details that are performed by your kid on his phone and Facebook account.


The application is simple and easy and does not require high knowledge and skills to run the app. So, if you are also in need to keep your kids away from wrong activities and people on Facebook start using this app today and prevent them from getting into wrong activities.


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