Free SMS tracker without touching target phone
Free SMS tracker without touching target phone
Review: Free SMS tracker without touching target phone
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Can’t access target phone, spy via free SMS tracker feature

Now it is straightforward to track phone; many software is available which works best for spying. They are designed and programmed by the experts who know what a good spy app must have. A spy app can track every single detail of a person’s mobile on which the software is installed. It perfectly manages the different information of victim and sends it to the user. All spy apps that are available works same but they may vary in their features and accuracy to provide the details on time. When you search on the internet, you will get different spy apps based on the requirements of an individual. The person who wants to track messages without touching other’s mobile can download SMS tracker. Getting SMS tracker without accessing victim’s phone is the need of many to remain on the safe side and secretly read their messages.

Can't access target phone, spy via free SMS tracker feature
Can’t access target phone, spy via free SMS tracker feature

Messages are the primary source of communication via mobile. People find messaging apps more useful than other apps. Chatting on messages is more convenient than through calls as it saves your money and you can talk for the longer duration. Hence many messaging apps are getting introduced, and thousands of users download them. You might have seen people talking through text messages, and you also use this method to speak with your friends. Therefore you can quickly analyze the benefits of talking via text messages.

Why people chat via text messages

Read below the reasons why people find talking through message is good.

  • Nobody will know about your conversations. When you speak then people around you can listen to your conversation, and they can get an idea with whom you might be talking.
  • Save the chats. Your conversation with your friends and loved ones are saved on your phone, and you can read them later.
  • You can talk for long hours. Holding your mobile till the end of conversation can cause pain in your hands. It also cost you more. Thus people find it relaxing to talk through text.
  • You can delete your secret chats so that nobody can read it.

Because of the above reasons people choose this option than any other. But it does not mean that if you are talking about messages, then none of your friends or colleagues can figure out about your chats. Teens are more addicted of smartphones, and they don’t leave their mobile even for a single minute. This type of behavior is unacceptable for parents, and they try to know what is wrong with their children. Now parents can easily find out everything about their children’s phone.

There are many ways to know what the person is discussing on the phone and who is on the other side of mobile. When it comes to different ways, people think of getting that person’s phone for a while when he is not around and checks his phone. Now, you must be thinking about ways to get the mobile of the person to get access. But no need to think about that, become smart and use clever ways of spying. Use a spy app. People can do it by using phone spying. It is an app that let you spy on other’s mobile, and they will not even realize that someone is watching their activities on the phone.

What is Free SMS Tracker

The phone spying app is a mobile app for spying; it takes care of all your needs and keeps your details safe. Most of the businessman and families have shown trust in this app because of its unique features that help them spying easily and more efficiently on a victim. Tracking SMS without touching the phone of the person who is your target has now become very much quick and easy. Gets a free trial version of phone spying to test its features and work

What is Free SMS Tracker
What is Free SMS Tracker

How to track SMS with phone spy

A spy using free SMS tracker without accessing victim’s mobile quickly via phone spying app. It lets you seek the SMS messages which are being sent or received through the phone. With free SMS tracker of phone spying you can-

  • Get access to the inbox of the target phone. Inside inbox, you may get something useful for which you were spying as all the received messages from the victim’s contact are saved there.
  • Don’t just see the number of messages that person has received, read the words. Open any message and read.
  • Know the recipients and senders details. Get their names, contact, date and time when the phone received messages.
  • Access the messages easily and faster from the control panel online. Accesses from anywhere, all the messages are uploaded to the group.

You can get all the mentioned above details. To track phone, you need to download the app on your target. Once the phone spying app is installed on the device, you can get the above information and track all the messages via spy on text messages with GuestSpy. Before download, read the features of phone spying.

Phone spying app’s features are as follows-

To get free SMS tracker without having access to phone, you need to have phone spying. It collects data from phone and sends the backup of data to a private server. Besides tracking SMS, it can do a lot of more things, and they are as follows.

Tracking of social media– social media sites has taken the place of text messages. Now people chat on these sites. Teens, kids, adults, and others use them. These sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and others are in the top list of social media sites. A user can run them simultaneously. They offer benefits to the user, but it has demerits also. It has ill impact on kids and teens. Even adults get trapped in the social sites by fake users. Many fraud cases are in the headlines related to the social media sites. Thus parents must monitor their children’s account on such sites. Now controlling their social media activities is easier through phone spying app.

Track GPS position– monitoring without touching victim’s cell is not sufficient; you need to know about their location. Follow the post of the victim on a map and see where he is now. Phone spying app will give you real-time location, and on the map, you can see the place where the victim is present right now.

Call details– tracking someone call details is another way of catching cheats and frauds. All details about missed, received and outgoing calls will be sent to you within a minute. Phone spying turns on the recorder without asking from them and when the talk is over it sends the audio file immediately on your account.

Voice recorder– every cell phone has the inbuilt voice recorder. Phone spying will turn on the recorder, and you can record the surrounding sound. Listen to his/her conversation with another person when they are talking face to face. Thus it will not leave anyway for a victim to keep his/her details safe from you.

Remote access– installing the phone spying on your kid’s cell gives complete control of their phone to the parents. Spy text messages using free SMS tracker without installing on their phone, unhide their secrets on social media and much more. Control their phone remotely means if they are not near you then also their phone is in your control. Their cell will become a slave, and you can give it commands sitting in your office or home.

Keylogger– it can provide access to the password of user’s account on different sites. Their screen lock password, Email password, and other password are now with you. Using them, you can log into their account and see what they did in the last login.

Phone spying app has featured in bulk to let you aware of everything about the victim. There is no loophole from where a victim can protect him. Target will never understand what is happening with him and how you know so much about him. There is no method using which the target can counteract on your spying technique. It offers lots of benefits to you.

View All Feature PhoneSpying

Benefits of free SMS tracker of phone spying app-

The free SMS tracker is one of the features of this app. choosing phone spying app is your right decision as it delivers many benefits. Experience all the mentioned below benefits-

Benefits of free SMS tracker of phone spying app
Benefits of free SMS tracker of phone spying app

Find lost phones– as you know it can track GPS location hence it can benefit you in another way. The case where you are spying on your children and they lost their cell; then a GPS tracker will tell you where they left their mobile. In this way, neither you nor your kids can stay away from their mobile.

Cell phone tracking– hacking tools are not in reach of everyone. They are costly, and they don’t even offer features like a spy app offers. Phone spying is affordable, and anyone who wants to spy can download it from google store. Spying was never easy, affordable and quick without phone spying.

Internet details– surfing internet is the craze among adults and teenagers. As one can find almost everything on internet hence internet has become the favorite time pas for people. Not all sites there are useful, and some of them even show illegal content which is not good for kids and teens. Blocking such sites is the only way to keep your kids away from accessing them. And phone spying will let you block any sites and allow you to provide your kids with the content which you want them to access.

Remote access– one of the greatest benefits is to have access to the phone from any location. Almost feature of spy app can be accessed remotely. You don’t have to be in the range to access it, do your work freely and let phone spying app do its work effectively.

Now you know its features and benefits, it’s time to discuss how you can get it. So, here are the steps to follow

Steps to download– download the app on your Android by following the given steps


  • The victim’s cell must have the internet connection either via WI-FI or 3G. The target device should be set to permit to install the non-market apps. To set the devices, go to settings, security, check for unknown sources.
  • Go to Google settings and turn off the scanning apparatus.

Download– browse to from a browser of your phone, download it on your device.  After downloading you will receive notification to install it.

Register- makes an account on the site to start registration. After it, you can log into the site for accessing the control panel where the information from the target cell is uploaded.

Install– the app will ask for permission to ask for access, accept the agreement and phone spying will start investing.

Note– if target phone is rooted then by tapping accept, give access to track messages from Viber, Facebook or any other social networking sites. In case of WhatsApp, no rooting is required.

To hide the app, tap on hiding icon. To start interface again, call #2013*. If it doesn’t work, then restart your device. Clean history of your browser to make all traces.

Download & Install PhoneSpying

Packages and prices – phone spying app is available at affordable prices. You can choose monthly packages at the right rate. Choose standard, premium, or gold plan per month. Get messages from victim mobile, pay few dollars for it and enjoy reading they’re deleted, sent or receive messages. Pay via cards; you can subscribe plan for one, three, six, or twelve months within the price range of $10- $150. That’ too less and anyone can easily pay this amount as revealing the truth is very important than money. If you are not comfortable with its services, then get your money back. However, it is impossible for the user to feel discomfort in using it.

It is easy to use phone spying without gaining phone. Unlike the old traditional method of spying, using an app not only make your task easy but also gives you maximum satisfaction. Well, where technology is gaining speed of the rocket and offering unlimited things for a user it is obvious to use them for real purpose. And with phone spying, you can help your friends, colleagues, and others from the harmful situation. Spy not only to know about their private life but also to prevent them from a bad company of the people around them.

Maybe your target is suffering from the problem which he/she cannot share with others. So, if you come to know about such issue, then you can help them. Maybe someone is sending inappropriate messages to your spouse, friends, colleagues or children and they are afraid to tell others. Spying on text messages will unhide the truth, and it becomes dull to catch the person who was the sender. You can save them before it gets too late to do something. Many times it becomes difficult to read the messages because due to fear the person deletes them. Phone spying can retrieve them. Therefore you can not only spy on your beloved but also on the potential individuals who are likely to hurt your beloved.

So, you have understood till now that phone spying is a magical app for you and you have made your mind to use it. To brief you more about it, here are few points to justify your decision.

Refund policy– phone spying app offers a return policy to users. Read the policy in brief before having it on your device. It will satisfy you that your decision to purchase it is right. In case you find it not worthy then get your amount back. However, till now no complaints or claim to get the amount back has received by the developers. Within five days not satisfied users will receive their money.

Reviews– on the site you will get reviews from the existing users. They will tell you exactly about their experience of spying via phone spying. No doubt, every user of phone spying app has no complaints, and their features are up to date and function accurately.

Ratings- to track messages without touching mobile of any person seem to be impossible. But phone spying app proves this fact wrong, and thus it got the high rating. For any app, the excellent rating is like an award for them. And you know that before trying anything that impact rating and review put on the mind of users.

Therefore, concluding everything, only one thing can be said that phone spying app is the best for tracking SMS without gaining access to the target Smartphone. And one the more important point is that the app operates smoothly on every platform. Hence user doesn’t have to worry if the target uses a different phone from yours. Without getting in tough job of following your victim, spy comfortably from your home. Avail the hundreds of its benefits by just downloading phone spying from the play store.


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