Free text message spy without target phone
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Get Free text message spy without target phone

Now with Free Text Message Spy you will be able to have the best options. This happens to be the best app that you can make use of for the proper options. You can be sure of the end result that you will be having with the information perfectly without any kind of complication. With the use of this app, you will be having the best options available now. Therefore, you can be sure of the results.

Get Free text message spy without target phone
Get Free text message spy without target phone

If you are using spyware to tap into someone’s phone and uncover all these secrets, then no doubt you’ve probably heard PhoneSpying during your research. We mean, like you could not, this is only the best spy app on the market! If you are thinking of using PhoneSpying, or if you use it, and there are some questions about this, then please read the FAQ about PhoneSpying.

This article will explain you about 3 ways to get Free text message spy without target phone

3 ways to get Free text message spy without target phone
3 ways to get Free text message spy without target phone

Way 1: Free Mobile Spy PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is the most reliable and easy-to-use spy app on the market that can help parents keep their children safe and help employers monitor their employees. In doing so, you can track the GPS location, call logs, text messages, browser history and much more.

How does PhoneSpying work

Way 1: Free Mobile Spy PhoneSpying
Way 1: Free Mobile Spy PhoneSpying

All information from the target phone collects PhoneSpying and is sent to the control panel, which you can access after subscribing to PhoneSpying. You can remotely control the target phone.

To install PhoneSpying, you must first verify the compatibility of the phone and the target phone. After that, you can choose the plan that works best for your needs. After processing the payment, you will receive a login and password, which you can use to access the control panel. In addition, you will receive instructions on how to install the software on the target phone. To do this, you will need full unlimited access to the target phone, and you will also have to confirm that you are using the application legally. That is, you use it as one of the parents of a minor child, or consent to an adult.

Is there a global coverage of PhoneSpying

Yes. PhoneSpying works on all operator networks and regardless of the location of the target device. All you need is an Internet connection to transfer data from the target phone to the control panel.

Which devices are compatible with PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying can work on most mobile devices, such as:

Android 4+

iOS 6 – 8.4 and 9 – 9.1

PhoneSpying can also run on iPhones, not a broken prison. This is the best option, and it is not at all traceable. However, this leads to limited features.

Is the PhoneSpying logo displayed on the target phone

After installing this application, you have to configure the software by providing right details about yourself and about your target.

What are the legal consequences of using PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is completely legal software as its main goal is to provide parental control, as well as for employers to use it on company phones. In order to use PhoneSpying legally, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You use PhoneSpying on your phone.
  • You use PhoneSpying as a Parent to monitor the activity of a minor child.
  • You are an employer using PhoneSpying on mobile phones of the company, and your employees know under control.

Can PhoneSpying be installed remotely

For iOS devices:

If you want to monitor without jail broken iPhone, then you can install the mSpy application remotely on the target device.

If you want to monitor a hacked phone, then it takes about 5 to 15 minutes of physical access to the phone. If it is not already hacked, you must first escape from its prison, and then infuse PhoneSpying.

For Android devices:

Physical access is required to install PhoneSpying for Android devices.

How to install PhoneSpying to spy on text messages

How to install PhoneSpying to spy on text messages
How to install PhoneSpying to spy on text messages

PhoneSpying on a non-hacked iPhone

Installing the PhoneSpying on the non-hacked iPhone may only be realistic if you possess the iCloud credentials of the users. In case you do, then you can log into the control panel and perform some simple installation steps that will be done. However, you need to make sure that both the Internet and iCloud are included in the target phone. The iPhone target will then back up the data to iCloud every day, and then you can get all the information you need.

Learn more iCloud Appple:

If iCloud is not already enabled, you need to access the target phone and turn it on. Go to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Backup, and switch it to. After that, click Back up Now.

PhoneSpying for jailbroken iPhone

Some of the new iOS updates do not support jailbreak. So, first you need to make sure whether your iPhone model can support jailbreak if it is not already hacked.

After jailbroken, you can enter the control panel and select “iPhone” to continue the installation, which should take about 30 minutes.

PhoneSpying for Android phones

You must have physical access to the target phone. From the control panel, select “Android” to get all of the installation instructions. Carefully follow the instructions. You can install without rooting, but this limit the capabilities of your spy application. You will not be able to look into the social media accounts of the victim.

How to remove PhoneSpying

In order to un-install the PhoneSpying application, you have to follow some simple step by step process.


Go to Cydia to Install to Click on iPhone Internal Service, then Edit and then Delete.


Go to Phone settings to Security to Device administrators to Update service to Deactivate to Go back to the Settings> Applications> Update services> Delete.

Where can I access the data collected?

The collected data will be displayed in the control panel, which can be accessed through any browser. In order to get a glimpse into the control panel you can view the demo.

Way 2: Best Spy App TheTruthSpy

Way 2: Best Spy App TheTruthSpy
Way 2: Best Spy App TheTruthSpy

For parents, the best tool for children to know about online activities can be social media monitoring software that can easily be operated on computers. One important thing is that you need to be careful, safety. You need to make sure that the means of social monitoring of the safety of your children and devices. What you want is an imperceptible and safe track of what happens on computers to get information about your children’s social media. If monitoring a media tool is neither a clean nor a hidden one, it will defeat your use of the software. What’s worse, He can bring viruses to the computer and influence the relationship between you and your children.


The program TheTruthSpy is also another Text Messages hack software to keep track of all the needs, allow you to achieve the leadership powers Messages of your children is occurring. TheTruthSpy program is usually focused mainly on ambassadors such as Messages and WhatsApp and the program’s capabilities also track all the desired SMS messages and emails. Here is the completed TheTruthSpy review for you.

This program was originally classified as a mobile Trojan because of its aggressive behavior; but then she began to behave softer, and she was struck from the category of mobile Trojans. It allows you to spy on mobile phones and tablets.

Spy for Android and iPhone TheTruthSpy

It offers about 130 functions, including those that are equipped with PhoneSpying. From unique functions: access to a video camera, viewing wallpaper.

As well as PhoneSpying, to collect and provide information, it uses a secure account on the Internet – using the client-server architecture, with a web interface.

Way 3: Free Phone Tracker AppSpy

Way 3: Free Phone Tracker AppSpy
Way 3: Free Phone Tracker AppSpy

The AppSpy program is still another Text Messages hooking scrolling program that you can use to monitor your toddler’s activity on the Text Messages program, in cases where you find the possibilities that they may be implicated in some unpleasant behavior. The program can give you full access to the terminal device, allow you to track any messages activity on top of other app activities. This effective software can also allow you to use the cameras of the target device remotely.



AppSpy program is extremely easy to use and very effective.

Programs can be made use to monitor the location of the terminal device.


AppSpy only supports Android devices and iOS users’ devices.

Another thing you should take care of is functionality. With social media monitoring software, you are allowed to view all typed keystrokes, visited websites, Chats, screenshots of the desktop and much more. Thus, through recorded keystrokes, you will see the contents of your children’s messages and conversations on Facebook, as well as on other popular social media sites. However, what if your children spend too much time on their accounts of various social media, in this situation, you need powerful social media monitoring, which can also work as filtering software. The filtering feature will allow you to simply block any unwanted website or application to restrict access to specific and frequent social media.


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