[Knowledge] Free GPS Tracker Real-Time. How to works

Step 1: You must download & install PhoneSpying App on Target Phones.


Step 2: Login to PhoneSpying Control Panel https://www.phonespying.com/cp/ to view all tracking data and remote phone

Step 3: Move to GPS in Menu Function to view all GPS Tracking

[Knowledge] Free GPS Tracker Real-Time
[Knowledge] Free GPS Tracker Real-Time
Step 4: If you want turn on or turn off GPS function, visit Device Setting in Main Menu. You can set GPS Interval.

Device Setting of PhoneSpying
Device Setting of PhoneSpying

— Problem with Free GPS Tracker PhoneSpying —

If you don’t see GPS Tracking History in Control Panel:

  • Check internet connection on Target Phones
  • You must sure Target Phones turn on GPS.

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