Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone
Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone
Review: Top 10 Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps for Android and iPhone
  • #1 PhoneSpying
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 NetSpy
  • #4 Free Phone Spy
  • #5 AppSpy
  • #6 Track My Phone
  • #7 mSpy
  • #8 FlexiSpy
  • #9 MobiStealth
  • #10 Spyera


Get the best Android and iPhone Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps. This versatile monitoring app is compatible with iOS and Android devices

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Get the best Android and iPhone Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps

These days, the need of cell phone monitoring software is felt so much by parents and professionals and they search for the best app with the latest features. Simply search on any search engine and you will find hundred of webpages showing you the best results. Every site suggests some of the best and highly used cell phone monitoring software.  The need and price of this software both are increased and thus people want less costly yet effective software for cell phone monitoring. No doubt that the industry has every kind of product for their customers but one should do a thorough research before purchasing any monitoring software.

Get the best Android and iPhone Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps
Get the best Android and iPhone Hidden and Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps

Some softwares are compatible with android devices whereas others are compatible with IOS. Very few software are compatible with both the devices. This was the earlier case when the monitoring software had just begun their journey. Watching to their growing popularity and need, the industry has made advancement in their designs and prepared the software that works on both platforms. Today, the softwares that are introduced in the market runs almost on every device and they work very smoothly.

The professional use of monitoring software is seen widely in the industry but today the need is different. Parents and couples use such software to keep eyes on their loved ones. Couples use them to keep a check on their partner. These apps give positive results to the users but the results can be harmful as well. Therefore, the users should carefully know about the after consequences of the use of cell phone monitoring software. Don’t use such software for fun purpose only as it can cause doubts in your relationships with your partner.

The professional use includes the monitoring of employees who need to travel often for official purpose. This keeps a check on their activities so that the confidential data of the companies remain intact. Highly specified and app with latest features are required for such purpose. So, buying an expensive app which gives accurate results is not a bad deal. However, when it comes to personal use then the deal is very expensive. Therefore, users should know about the application that doesn’t put much burden on their pocket.

Here, we have a list of top 10 spy monitoring software that fits to your need and fall within your budget. However, these applications are equally best for the professional use as well. But, before going for the list, let us understand about the great features of an application that serves the purpose of monitoring?

  • A good spy monitoring app should provide necessary data such as call details, messaging, contact list, information about different apps on device and more.
  • The app should work seamlessly and should not send any kind of messages or notifications to the device user revealing the identity of the app.
  • The app should run in hidden mode to maintain the secrecy.
  • It should not send the fetched information to the third party or organization and earn profit for them.
  • Good monitoring software never provides incomplete and incorrect information.

If any cell phone monitoring software has above qualities then it is best for both personal and professional use. Other features can vary from designers to designers which also cause some variation in price.

List of top 10 spy software for Android and iPhone

#1 PhoneSpying

#1 PhoneSpying
#1 PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is one of its kinds of cell phone monitoring software that runs seamlessly on every operating system irrespective of manufacturers. It runs independently on every device without getting interrupted by any other device software. The software is surprisingly offered free of cost and it has good and highly useful features that are must for both personal and professional use. It has following features:

  • Call spy
  • Message spy
  • Social media spy
  • Multimedia spy
  • Remote spying
  • Keylogger
  • Block application feature
  • Browser history monitoring

Many more features are there about which you can learn on

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


This versatile monitoring app is compatible with IOS and android devices and can also run on computer, tablet, phone and laptop. It can tracks overall 29 different kind of user data from the target device. The software allows the trial to learn and understand about its features. It has very good user interface which makes it easier to work with it. It also has some similar features as of PhoneSpying. However, the app is not available for free unlike PhoneSpying and you have to pay for monthly subscription. It offers two different editions to its user-premium and ultimate edition.

The price and features for each edition varies a bit and users can purchase the app according to their needs. The rough price figure of TheTruthSpy is $20.99.

#3 NetSpy

#3 NetSpy
#3 NetSpy


NetSpy has powerful features for both device users that allow the user to monitor the device remotely and virtually. It needs the target device rooting in order to perform the monitoring functions. The iPhone users have to provide their apple ID in order to use the application. The user friendly interface makes it more interesting. However, it has some drawbacks that include the improper guidelines for the first time users. It also lacks some of useful and important features that are available in other monitoring software.

#4 Free Phone Spy


Free Phone Spy unlike NetSpy does not need jail breaking and it operate in three simple steps. The first step is downloading and installation; second is creating an account, third is activation of Free Phone Spy. The icon of Free Phone Spy can be later deleted and hidden to allow the user to secretly perform the monitoring.

#5 AppSpy


The AppSpy is especially good for beginners who don’t know about spying software. The app offers wonderful background tracking where it can easily perform the different monitoring activities. However, it has not so good customer support that can cause some problems while using it. Moreover, no instructions or guidelines are provided online to guide the beginners so using it not recommended.

#6 Track My Phone


This application offers good parental control functions to keep the kids safe. The application has very good safety features such as in-built camera option. The camera can take pictures secretly to the parents and inform about the kids activities when they are not around. However, this is best for parental control instead of spying so it is good for personal use and not for professional use. Moreover, it has no feature such as blocking to block the inappropriate websites so it lacks one of the most important features of parental control applications. The installation procedure is also a typical procedure which can cause some troubles to the parents.

#7 mSpy


Although all the spying applications have somewhat same features but every application has some unqiue feature as well. mSpy has one of the special feature which is most needed in spying software. The spy software drains much of the device battery which is a drawback of such software but mSpy goes light on device and doesn’t consume much battery. Moreover, it doesn’t even consume much of storage space as well which makes it most needed application. However, it has some drawbacks as well. It don’t have call recording option.

#8 FlexiSpy


Flexispy is good for professional use and you can call it as a professional spy app. It allows the monitoring of both audio and video activities of the target device which make the monitoring more effective. Despite of being a professional spy app, the installation procedure of Flexispy is not tough and even a beginner can learn using it no seconds. The software allows the user to capture a screenshot of the activities performed on the device which a user can do remotely. However, the app is not free and it doesn’t offer the blocking feature remotely. It also lacks the swipe mode which is present in other spying software.

#9 MobiStealth


The MobiStealth as the name suggests runs on stealth mode. It runs on both desktop and mobile version which makes the users easy to perform monitoring. It has GPS locator and doesn’t require jail breaking or rooting. It allows the user to make changes in the existing files on the device and user can save them as well. It is a reliable and responsive application that is cost effective and has responsive interface. However, the user cannot block the calls on the device remotely. Moreover, it also has no proper guidelines available for the application users which can make it difficult to use for the first time users.

#10 Spyera


It is similar to the MobiStealth and has in-built camera to keep a watch on your notorious kids. It has impressive features such as call recording and listening, compatibility with mobile and desktop version. It has alert function to inform you about the location of the device user so that you can stay in touch with their present location. However, it is very expensive in comparison to the rest of the spying software and it also has not impressive customer service.


So, these were the best software of android and iPhone users.



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