How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone
How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone
Review: How to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone
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Get the Way to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone

We have entered into an era where technology is dominating the scenario. As a result, we have become more advanced and it has affected our personal lives as well. As a consequence, the vast abilities of communication are being misused and the relationship is becoming more complicated as the day progresses. There are a lot of people who tend to spy on their partners for the fear of being cheated and others things. With the blessing of advanced gadgets and technologies, now it’s possible to monitor others activity easily and this discussion will help you learn to track text messages on an iPhone.

Get the Way to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone
Get the Way to Secretly Track Text Messages on iPhone

Way 1: Using Free SMS Spy: Phone Spying

Nowadays you can find numerous web-based tools that can help you to spy on the text messages of an iPhone easily. Phone Spying is one of the most popular web-based mobile phone tracking tool available on iOS and Android that can fulfil your intention effectively. The good thing about Phone Spying is that it is completely free and you just have to sign up to use this tool. The advanced web-based tool comes with numerous advanced features which are not limited to track the SMS. You can avail a bunch of other features that will help you to stay updated about the targeted person.

Additional features of Phone Spying

  • Track iMessage and Text messages
  • Gives you access to the contact list
  • Access to web browsing history
  • Track memos and notes
  • Access to the pictures on the targeted device

Way 2: Track messages with iMessage

There is another method to track messages on a device that runs on iOS. We hope you have heard about iMessage and you can use it to track text messages on an iPad or iPhone, you just have to follow some simple steps. Open the phone settings on the targeted device and tap into messages. You can see an option “send and receive”, here you can add more people and the email, who will be able to track the iMessage.  As soon as you enter the email addresses, you will have the access on their iMessage easily. It is very simple and next time you can follow these tips to track text messages on an iPhone.

Way 3: Using Spy Apps

Nowadays you can also find hundreds of apps for spying on another iOS device and there are plenty of apps on Google Search. Some of the most popular monitoring apps are TheTruthSpy, GuestSpy, Phone Tracker, AppSpy, etc. These apps come up with multiple advanced features to spy on the activities of the targeted person. Features like real-time location tracking, access to the text messages, browsing history and contact list will help you to keep an eye on the targeted person. You can download these apps from Google Search and the apps will work after completing the installation process.


We hope this is the end of your worries and now you can easily track the text messages on an iPhone without being detected. If you have further queries regarding monitoring techniques and spy solutions, we suggest you visit to avail additional information and support.