How to spy on your boyfriend on Facebook

Review: How to spy on your boyfriend on Facebook
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Way to spy on your boyfriend on the Facebook

It is doubtlessly true that if your loved one and he or she really cheats, your life becomes a hell. Well, the bigger problems begin to rise when unable to prove that the partner is scamming on you. Also, you do not have an indication of whether your boyfriend is having affair or not with another girl. You totally become confused and feel next what to do, the only best option left behind you is to begin spying on boyfriend device and discover all the things you want.

Way to spy on your boyfriend on the Facebook
Way to spy on your boyfriend on the Facebook

PhoneSpying – Best Facebook Spying App

PhoneSpying is the right choice and will allow you to have full access to the person’s device without letting him know. So, we can say that this app is really highly useful for a hacker. It permits one to have the full monitor on the cell phone of the boyfriend.

PhoneSpying is the significant and well-known applications for keeping the full eye on boyfriend’s activities. The mobile spy tool is having the ability to run the victim phone on silent mode and track the activities like GPS, email, call logs, text messages and etc.

Manage calls Using the app will allow one to see all the calls details like outgoing and incoming calls. Also, the deleted calls list will also be available. The app will collect all the details like date, time, and duration and enables to record the call in high quality (MP3 file).

Spy the text The tools allows one in reading the multimedia and text messages that are sent or received by the victim device. Also, you can get to read the message that is earlier deleted.

Tracking GPS location Next feature of the app is tracking the GPS location of the victim device. By using it, one will come to know of whereabouts of the boyfriend.

Monitoring the usage of the internet- One being a girlfriend is having full righty to know all about the boyfriend activity over the internet and what sites does he or she visit.  Using the feature will let you know what all links the user have visited and what all content the boyfriend has downloaded.

Read the address book and calendar- One can check the single contact typed into the phone book and also keep track of every program in the calendar of the device.

Reading instant messages- If one uses the trait, the hacker can capture the messages that are sent and received by the victim device on Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber etc.

Viewing multimedia files- The cell phone surveillance app helps one in viewing the photos and videos that are saved in the victim device. Every time a boyfriend takes the photo and records the videos with the camera. All the data will be uploaded to the software account.


So these are the amazing features of the spy tool that one need to know and if a person uses the app, make sure to take the help of the link ( This link definitely will take users to the original app, get the app downloaded on boyfriend device and spy on her device completely and discover all that you want.