How to spy text messages and calls tracking for free
How to spy text messages and calls tracking for free
Review: How to spy text messages and calls tracking for free
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Best way to spy text messages and calls tracking in free of cost

Text messages and call tracking are most important while you are going to monitor someone via their cell phone. Though hundreds of social media platforms are available, but people mostly prefer making a call if communicating someone. On the other hand, text messaging is one of the traditional methods to communicate someone without talking. If you are tracking someone through their cell phone, then you may a need any hacking tool. Instead of other hacking tools, you can choose PhoneSpying software.

Best way to spy text messages and calls tracking in free of cost
Best way to spy text messages and calls tracking in free of cost

PhoneSpying software is one of the best hacking tools that are available for Android and iOS devices. You just need to install the spyware on victim’s cell phone then you can catch their cell phone data on your devices. The cell phone data that can be hacked through the PhoneSpying software are-

  • Call details
  • Text message details
  • Devices information
  • Media and document files available on internal and external storage
  • GPS coordinator devices that can help to find real-time position of a device on a map
  • Can trap call recordings and much more

The PhoneSpying software includes some free and premium features. If the premium features are not affordable for you, then you can choose free features that can also deliver cell phone tracking benefits. In free features, you can experience-

Spy on call: You just need to install the PhoneSpying software on victim’s cell phone and make an account with the spyware. Now, access the parental site of the spyware where you need to access the dashboard or control panel. Here, you can find several free features along with call spy feature. The PhoneSpying software catches received calls; dialed calls and missed calls list and deliver to the control panel or Now, you can pay attention to the call details, access call summery, call cost, call duration and much more.

Spy text messages: another free feature of the PhoneSpying app is text message spy. The spyware traps text messages details such as-

  • Sent items
  • Received messages
  • Drafts messages
  • Message details like sent or received time
  • Sent or received number
  • Message content and much more

Using the PhoneSpying software you can personally check on text messages and call details as well. Another major benefit of accessing the text message is, you can access new numbers or saved number. The number saved in the cell phone with a particular name can be visible on the control panel. Hence, you can read sent or received messages as well as know senders or receivers name too.

Another free feature of spyware is getting the contact list in the dashboard. You just need to access the PhoneSpying and the phone address book will be visible on your dashboard. Also, the spyware provides more premium features such as GPS tracking, social media monitoring, Call recording, ambient voice recordings and much more.

At last, the PhoneSpying software can be downloaded through the mobile app store or via the website informed above in the content. The application is completely free of cost and you can experience some free features too.