Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Review: Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps
  • #1 PhoneSpying
  • #2 PhoneTracking
  • #3 AppSpy
  • #4 Find My iPhone
  • #5 LocaToWeb
  • #6 Glympse
  • #7 Find My Friends
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iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps – Top 7 apps and tools

Current time location tracking means has become a need at the current world. For iPhone users, many instances are there wherein one needs current time location tracking tool for iPhone as if the phone is stolen or for tracking loved ones to know all whereabouts of those. As it is not possible for one to keep fill eye manually on the victim activities, particularly when engaged in the job.

iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps - Top 7 apps and tools
iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps – Top 7 apps and tools

A person can take assistance from the current time locations tracking applications and tools for location tracking. In the article you will some of the reliable and trustworthy iPhone real-time tracking tools and that can be used for keeping the eye at the location of the dearest one and protect them from all sorts of danger.

Here are the top 7 iPhone real-time location tracking tool

#1 PhoneSpying

#1 PhoneSpying
#1 PhoneSpying

This tracking tool is the best parental control and child monitoring tool that helps one in tracking down the Smartphone activities of a person. Through it is available for monitoring the activities of iOS and Android devices and working is different on both platforms. In android device, one needs to download the monitoring tool on the victim device but in iPhone, a hacker needs to know the iCloud ID and password on the victim. It can track a variety of iPhone data including call logs, messages, location history etc.

Why to choose it

  • A hacker can track the location history of the victim.
  • It can do the monitoring of the call logs and the text messages of the victim.
  • Also, web browser history can be tracked.
  • Through this app one can use the reminders, notes, and calendars etc.
  • A hacker can track the application installed on the victim device.

Features of the app

  • Spy on IM app- The app is capable enough at easily tracking down all the text messages of various instant messaging applications. Get the app installed in the victim device and get access to all the IM apps like Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger that he or she uses for hacking purpose.
  • Spying over phone callsThe app easily spies over all the phone calls that are made and received by or from the victim device. The calls that are deleted can also be easily hacked by the tracking tool with complete details. It includes phone calls time, duration and contact involved.
  • SMS spying The app spies over all the text messages or SMS that are sent or is received by or from the victim. Regardless of the deleted or edited, all the messages can be hacked easily with complete details including date, time, content, sender and receiver.
  • Monitoring the multimedia files- The application is very good at tracking the available multimedia files from the victim device. It tracks easily videos, GIFs, photos, documents, images etc. Even those can be downloaded if a person wants.
  • GPS location tracking The app is good enough at tracking the GPS location of the victim and know whereabouts of him or her. Also earlier visited location details and current time location details will be known.

Easy to follow steps for tracking iPhone activities of iPhone

  • Visit to the official website of the phonespying tool using the URL address ( to sign up for the phonespying account. Go to the sign-up page to register using the email address and password.
  • At the setup wizard of phonespying, fill the name and age of the victim and choose the operating system as iOS and hit on Next.
  • On next page fills in the iCloud ID and password non-victim device and hit on verify.

Login into the dashboard of the app to spy and monitor the activities of the victim on his or her device. Hit on location history for viewing the locations that are visited by the victim.

Download PhoneSpying at:

#2 PhoneTracking

#2 PhoneTracking
#2 PhoneTracking


This app is a free iPhone tracking tool that allows one in tracking the iPhone real-time location. A user can install the app to the victim device and then do the monitoring of the location in real time.


  • A hacker can monitor the targeted person real-time location.
  • The app is having location reporting and Geo-Fencing feature.
  • With a single app, multiple devices can be traced.
  • It works silently at the device background.
  • This tool is having SOS panic option.


iOS 9 and upgraded version

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy
#3 AppSpy


It is another iPhone real-time location tracking tool that permits one in tracking the family member location easily at any time. It uses GPS, internet mapping and all other essential latest feature of the iPhone that gives one the best location tracking services or tracking others.


  • A user can track the location of iOS of other users of recently gone 12 hours.
  • A hacker can reduce the usage of battery.
  • It is easier for one to deny or allow in following the location.
  • Registering and using the app is quite easier.
  • A hacker can track the employees, kids and lots device.


iOS 11, 10, 9, 8.0

#4 Find My iPhone

This iPhone tracking tool is an official application from the apple for tracking the current time location of the stolen or lost the device. This iOS real-time location tracking tool can be used as a way of tracking the iOS device location. Not location but many other things can be traced too with the access of the application.

Learn more: How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your iOS Devices


  • It is very much easier for one to track the iPhone real-time location over the map.
  • The location of the device history can be viewed.
  • It provides direction to the lost phone.
  • One can view the battery percent at the victim device.


iOS 8.0 and new version

#5 LocaToWeb


This is another best iPhone real-time location tracking app that is equipped with many powerful features. It not only led the people to track the targeted person location but the distance, duration, altitude, and speed of the phone.


  • It is possible for one to share the location with others.
  • A hacker easily monitors the speed, duration, and distance of the device when begins to move.
  • No need is there to use the app.


iOS 9.0, 10 and 11

#6 Glympse


This is a free location sharing tool that allows one in sharing the real-time location with another person. If you want to track a person send the sharing request from the device to self. Then a hacker will easily be able to view all of the location activities at the dynamic map.


  • It tracks the real-time location of a person without needing to register.
  • It is very much easier for one to use and runs in hidden mode in the device.


iOS 9.0 and above

#7 Find My Friends


It is another application from iOS that allows one in tracking the real-time location of the iPhone. This application is used for iPhone real-time location tracking and setting the Geo-fencing location for getting alert when an individual arrives or leaves the location.


  • Track real-time locations of the family and friend
  • With this app, one can set the geofencing alert when a person arrives or leaves the locations
  • A user for a specified time can share the location for permanently and temporarily.


iOS 10.0 and plus


There could be many reasons why one would like to use the iPhone Real-Time Location Tracking Tools and Apps. It might be for the purpose of tracking the location of the children, employees or spouse. If you are not aware of how to track the real-time location of the iPhone, using the listed apps and tools will definitely be a lot beneficial.  But if one would like to track more than just the location history of the victim on iOS, then use PhoneSpying App for tracking down the device activities of the victim.