Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
Review: Top 8 Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
  • #1 PhoneSpying
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 GuestSpy
  • #4 AppSpy
  • #5 NetSpy
  • #6 FlexiSpy
  • #7 Mobile Spy
  • #8 Spyera


This article presents top eight remote spy software/app for iPhone and Android

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Best Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

Do you want to purchase spying application that can work remotely and monitor spouse, the kid even the employees? Nowadays, there are tons of hackers and spammers available all over the world. Along with it, the social media threat is growing rapidly so there is a 100% possibility your spouse or kid can anytime fall in such traps. This article presents top eight remote spy software/app for iPhone and Android.

Best Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone
Best Remote Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

You will come to know everything about the applications along with the features offered. In addition to this, you will also come to know the feature offered and how you can easily install and download it. You thus are able to target the suspect in a more effective way.

Top 8 remote spy apps or applications:

#1 PhoneSpying

#1 PhoneSpying
#1 PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is the very first application under top 8 spying tools. It is best known for the parental control option. It can be easily worked with devices such as iOS, tablet, and Android. You will be offered with world class tracking journey and the experience will bring forth useful results. Surprisingly, this application can easily be afforded without wasting a huge sum of money.  For the beginners, it offers a free trial version with basic features.

The application makes use of advanced software that is not at all complexes rather it allows the users to make use of the user-friendly interface. The control panel is available 24×7 and it offers customer support services as well.

Some of the renowned and basic features offered are

  • Monitoring photos and videos
  • Reading of the hidden and secret messages silently
  • Tracking calls and text messages plus recording
  • It allows you to view multimedia files along with documents
  • It can track GPS location in both of present as well as of past

You can easily download and install the application from the official website You can install the app on to your iPhone or Android.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


The application that has got the second position in the list of top 8 spying application is TheTruthSpy app. Millions of users currently make use of this application so as to acquire the best tracking experience. You are requiring installing and downloading the app on your iPhone or Android. It can productively bring forth valuable and useful information so as to view it on the user-friendly dashboard. You can easily monitor all the held conversations remotely from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. It also allows you to gather information from web browsing history, social media post, keylogger, phone calls.

You can without any jailbreaking, gather all the information on your device. You are just required to have ID and password of the created account on the application. The parental control app automatically saves all the data and all the awful websites get blocked. It supports various tech options that flourish the experience of the user. You can easily choose the premium or the basic version of it.

#3 GuestSpy

#3 GuestSpy
#3 GuestSpy


Just like the catchy name of this application the features are also catching and interesting. It satisfies the customer with a user-friendly interface that contains features in the list. The powerful and interactive software is easy to handle and anyone can make use of the app no matter whether he or she is a spouse, employer, or parent. Bounty parental features can be obtained by the software. The parent’s can-

  • Block anything- you might have seen many times that your kid is busy chatting with someone or browsing on the internet. This creates doubts on the kid; it can be easily cleared through this application. If you find any unwanted content, calls, or accessing the website, then you can easily block it anytime. This can prevent your kid from a harmful person, messages and callings.
  • Create time restriction– this time restriction feature is incorporated so as to provide a specified time on the accessing of a cell phone by the kid. If the parent meets with any inappropriate phone activity, then this feature can come into play. This way parents can prevent a kid from overnight and unwanted chats.
  • Geo-fencing alert– this feature notifies parents whenever the kid is outside and travel far distances from home.

#4 AppSpy

The third most preferred application in the list is AppSpy. This software allows the user to track all the activities of the suspect at affordable rates. You can easily keep eye on the suspect using any of the devices including tablet, Smartphone, and Mac. It also offers robust features such as –

  • Tracking of real-time location monitoring and tracking of the suspect becomes easier through the real-time tracking feature. You can see all the past as well as present location details and information.
  • Ambient noise recording– this feature silently allows you to listen to the voices happening at the background. You don’t have to use a microphone as the feature itself allows you to hear it quietly. The voice is clear and you can save it on the control panel. The noise will be attended using the feature and all the secret meeting can be recorded easily.
  • Viewing texts and history– just like the most popular applications, the app spy also allows the user to view text messages and read the call history. Text messages are sent and received on a daily basis that can be exposed easily using this feature.
  • SIM card notification– the user will be notified in case the user changes his or her SIM card. You can purchase the application from the official site.

#5 NetSpy

Another simple to handle and effective application in the market are NetSpy. This application is capable of tracking web browsing history, social media applications, instant messages, and recording text. It can work well in devices like android and IOS. You can view all the information and details straightaway from the suspect cell phone. It allows you to-

  • View keystrokes– the user can see the keystrokes entered by the suspect. You can use this feature to gathering information from the messenger, browser, and email app.

#6 FlexiSpy

One of the best-known apps in the market is FlexiSpy that has got the fourth position and it has all features intercepted. The features offered help in recording and saving the phone calls. The interception is really amazing and it offers mentioned options-

  • Record ambient noise– the application offers service like a microphone that allows you to clearly listen and record ambient noises present at surrounding.
  • RemCam- you are able to record as well as save through the camera. You can quietly capture pictures via this feature.
  • Live call interception– this feature allows you to hear and record all the conversations from the target cell phone.

You can easily install and download the software from the link.

#7 Mobile Spy

This app is primarily created for parents and employers so as to monitor employees and kids respectively. Some of the known features offered are powerful location tracking, view lives screen etc. It is the most trusted and reliable app in the market. Both employer and parent can make use of it so as to gather full information about the suspect.

#8 Spyera

This application enables you to record and save all the phone calls that are made at the moment by activation of the microphone. It also allows you to monitor multimedia files along with call recording. You can easily gather information from WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.


These are eight powerful applications that allow you to experience spying remotely. It can work well on the iphone and Android. You can remotely activate it anytime and get as many information as you want.


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