How to track my girlfriend's iPhone without her knowing
Review: How to track my girlfriend's iPhone without her knowing
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Get the Way to track my girlfriend’s iPhone without her knowing

The groundbreaking invention of smartphones has changed our world in the 21st century. For instance, you can take our daily activities. We like taking pictures and upload it to our social media, while many people prefer doing their office works on their phones. Particularly this device has also revised the usage of many devices in this digital era. For instance, you can take watches, alarm clocks, stopwatches, music players, speedometers, compass, camera, recorders and there are many more. Communication has also reached to another level with the technological advancement.

Get the Way to track my girlfriend's iPhone without her knowing
Get the Way to track my girlfriend’s iPhone without her knowing

Reason to monitor girlfriend’s iPhone

Mankind has always abused such technological advancement and it is happening with this smart gadget as well. The concept of a relationship is being distorted in the 21st century. A large number of people prefer spying on their partners due to doubts. This condition is affecting mutual trust within a relationship and many people tend to monitor their partner’s activities. Many people prefer spying to safeguard their loved ones from different perils from time to time. Whatever your reason is now you can track your girlfriend’s activities without being detected and this discussion will teach you the entire procedure. You can also visit Catch Cheating Spouse Using PhoneSpying to know more about other monitoring solutions available.

Track your girlfriend’s activities using apps

Track your girlfriend's activities using apps
Track your girlfriend’s activities using apps

Nowadays you can find numerous apps on the AppStore through which you can easily monitor your girlfriend’s activities easily. These apps come up with numerous advanced features and you can find free apps too. We will discuss the advanced features of the most popular apps like Phone Spying, AppSPy, Phone Tracker, TheTruthSpy, etc.

#1 Phone Spying

Phone Spying app is one of the most popular apps for monitoring activities secretly. The app is being used to keep an eye on the partners with apprehension. Phone Spying features numerous advanced services for the users that will fulfil your intentions. Advanced features include accessing text messages and contact list, viewing and recording call logs, accessing social media conversations and browsing activities, accessing photos and videos etc. We hope these features are enough to monitor your girlfriend easily.

If you are willing to install the app, you can find it at and you need a Phone Spying account to avail all these features. Follow the instructions and we hope you won’t face any problems during installation.

#2 AppSpy


AppSpy is another popular spying app available on iOS. AppSpy also offers a vast range of features to the users and you can use it to monitor your girlfriend’s activities anytime. The app gives you access to multiple features like real-time location tracking, accessing internet browsing history, contact lists, WhatsApp and Facebook chat, text messages etc. Type mSpy on the search bar of AppsStore and you will find the app. Install it and follow the instructions and you can start accessing updates on your girlfriend’s activities.


There are hundreds of apps and you must choose an effective one. We have named a few apps and those are reliable among the users for their services. If you want to get further information on monitoring techniques, we suggest you log on to Phone Spying, where you will be assisted with professional support.