How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without His Knowledge
How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without His Knowledge
Review: How Do I Track My Son's iPhone Without His Knowledge
  • Way 1: Phone Spying
  • Way 2: Kidgy Parental Control
  • Way 3: TheTruthSpy


Get the Way to Track My Son’s iPhone Without His Knowledge. You can even record voice calls with live surroundings, monitor WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook activity and more.

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Get the Way to Track My Son’s iPhone Without His Knowledge

Parents today have every right to be concerned about their children mixing up with the bad companies. The exposure offered today by the internet is ten times more than what we experienced twenty years ago. While crime rates may have surged or dwindled in certain areas, the lack of wisdom could drag children to abhorrent internet corners. Moreover, the increasing reports of paedophiles and perverts masking themselves as regular online people and contacting innocent children have made parents worry about their lives even more.

Get the Way to Track My Son's iPhone Without His Knowledge
Get the Way to Track My Son’s iPhone Without His Knowledge

If you are one of such parents, you shall find plenty of apps in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store that are ready to assist to your needs. While some charge for their services, many are free. If you want a thorough investigation of your son’s iPhone or Android without his knowledge, invest some money and utilise these apps to their full potential. From accessing calls to monitoring social media activity, several apps have been launched that are exploring the horizons of phone tracking. Below listed are some of the most well-received tracking apps that gives you maximum access to someone else’s phone.

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Way 1: Using Phone Spying

Way 1: Using Phone Spying
Way 1: Using Phone Spying

Phone Spying has acquired quite a positive reputation with its unrivalled tracking services. Opted by both families and business companies, Phone Spying has services that suit both personal and professional needs. Are you worried about your son going too deep into the dark world of the internet? Is your child not sharing his issues with you anymore? Does his mobile phone addiction appear unhealthy to you? This app lets you keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, location, photos and videos, social media activity and more.

You can even record voice calls with live surroundings, monitor WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook activity and more. The most appealing feature of this app is the 100% no-detectability.

Here are a few advantages of using Phone Spying to spy on your son:

  • 24 hour-customer-support

Although Phone Spying boasts of incredible user interface design, parents often times find themselves unable to grasp it completely. To assist you with every step the app entertains a 24-hour full guidance support system to answer any queries related to the app and its functions.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is another lucrative feature of this app, as it supports every Android and iOS device. The ease of operating once from your iPhone and then from your iPad with the same account transcends the functions of most tracking apps.

  • Remote function

Its remote controlling of your son’s phone gives you the access to monitoring the activities from anywhere in the world. Since the app relies on the internet, you do not need to worry about proximity.

Way 2: Using Kidgy Parental Control App

Way 2: Using Kidgy Parental Control App
Way 2: Using Kidgy Parental Control App

This app is your one-stop solution to your worries about your troubled son. If you are getting agitated over son’s increasing amount of time spent on the internet or on calls, then get yourself the Kidgy Parental Control App. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app even supports a cross-platform operation like Phone Spying.

Get Kidgy Parental Control at:

Are you afraid to suffer the wrath of your kids for spying on them? Teens are extremely sensitive to privacy and open to unreliable sources for experimentation. While it is true that they should be allowed to explore and commit mistakes of their own, you would want to have full information about their whereabouts in case the worse happens. Kidgy Parental Control App lets you assign usage limits, task reminders, warnings, sleep timings and work deadline. Apart from the usual call and SMS monitoring, for a mere $9.99 a month, you are gaining complete control over your teenage son’s phone without his knowledge. This shall prohibit him from mingling with suspicious persons and not visit questionable sites on the internet. While the level of the strictness is up to you, Kidgy Parental Control App offers you to stay safe than sorry. Here are a few benefits of using the app:

If you are sure that your child is venturing into an extremely precarious location, you can geofence their map. While this may not physically bar your son from going, geofencing enables you to mark the limited spectrum on the map and if your child crosses it, you are immediately notified about the breach.

Cyberbullying has claimed the lives of several teens over the past decade. We may not be lacking in cyberbully awareness programmes but there are not enough mediums to stop the practice. As a parent, you can monitor your child’s messaging and call logs and witness the bullying live. Similarly, if your son is communicating with a sketchy figure via their phone, you can keep track of that as well.

  • Constant GPS update

This feature of the Kidgy Parental Control App constantly keeps you updated about your son’s GPS location.

Way 3: Using TheTruthSpy

Way 3: Using TheTruthSpy
Way 3: Using TheTruthSpy

Get TheTruthSpy Parental Control at:

TheTruthSpy’s name sprouts up everywhere when you are performing a thorough tracking app search online. Being one of the best tracker apps for parents, TheTruthSpy is marketed as one of the best undetectable spying apps that lets parents monitor their children 24×7. This app performs more efficiently for personal purposes and is not the first choice amongst business corporations.

TheTruthSpy is designed to spy on young minds; hence, the app targets online browsing history, multimedia collections, GPS location of both target smartphone and synced tablet, social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram and more. Here are a few most celebrated benefits of TheTruthSpy:

  • The app has an excellent stealth mode function that lets you stay hidden while monitoring and accessing your son’s device.
  • TheTruthSpy is one of the inexpensive apps out there that provides numerous functions at a minimum rate. One of the major reasons for people not investing in spying apps is because of the high prices involved.
  • Your son will not experience any information leakage apart from you accessing it. It is 100% secure and stores all the data and information on your dashboard.


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