How to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
How to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
Review: How to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
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Get the best way to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

Well, are you questioning how to track your wife’s phone without her apprehending?  Perhaps, If you don’t know how to follow your wife’s phone without her knowing, then its an opportunity to learn about the process.

Get the best way to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
Get the best way to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

Day by day, it has been uncertain for a companion to know about their partner’s location and now it is turning out to be indeed a problematic situation, So we have something in reserve for you to ascertain their position without them apprehending about it.

If You Have an iPhone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move.

Apple designed a fundamental feature known as “Find My Friends” as a mean of better connecting with your friends and family members, and you can track their location and know where they precisely are located at a particular point of time, this dominant feature allows you to know about their every next move, or every next location they are moving onto, this will ease your mind.

Furthermore, you can also know your wife’s location using this particular link – it is a Phone Spying link which enables you to trace their location.

Step to Step to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

Step to Step to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
Step to Step to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

Before you start, there are a few bits and bobs that have to be taken care of; you are expected to follow all the movements in a precise manner to enable their location, Here you go:

Step 1- Share your location on their iPhone

Open- find my friends app on their iPhone, then tap on their contact picture to share your area on their iPhone and from the settings. Make sure that you do it without their all-presence, as there are chances that they can close “Find My Friends,” app. Furthermore, you will be incapable of locating them. So, to avoid this it is better to do it externally without their presence.

Step 2- Share their location on your iPhone

On your iPhone, swipe up from the back of the screen to permit AirDrop from the Control Center. Make your position accessible to “Everyone,” although your contacts will only be able to locate you, an option will serve as long as their iPhone has your contact information saved to it.

Moving Back on their iPhone, hit the button on “Add” (in Find My Friends) and correlate your contact icon when it appears. Select “Share Indefinitely” to share their location to your iPhone for an eternal significance of time; this will help you to keep an eye on them all day, without being in a state of awe.

Step 3- Accept their location, but don’t share your site.

Once, their location is share, hit accept, but, do not share your site with them, if at all you do so, they will be equipped to know your very next move, or where you are moving onto next, so if you want to circumvent this, make sure that you don’t bestow your location.

Step 4- Track their Location

Go to Find My Friends app, click on your wife’s contact picture to see her precise position at that point of time, you will also see a few options like ”Notify me if they go or visit at a particular location”, for your better understanding, so you don’t have to call them to ask, you can just locate them using this app, which is indeed very useful and powerful.

(This will make you sound a tad inquisitive, but if you want to keep an eye on them, you ought to do this)

Step 5- Hide their Find My Friends app

It is more beneficial if you hide their “Find My Friends” For instance, if your companion opens the app and checks that her location is connected to your device, then she might relocate herself, and you will not be able to find her. In most of the circumstances, one cannot reminisce about it, although if at all this happens, then you are in a problem. So it is better to hide this app from their phone.  You can either entirely make it pass using a dock or create a folder to sneak the app; these steps are useful in a way!

Download Find My Friends:

Google Play:


The above steps are very significant and useful to find out your partner’s accurate position and pilot theirs in and out moves.

Another Way to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

Another Way to Track My Wife's iPhone Without Her Knowing
Another Way to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

In case, you are not an iOS user but preferably an android user, and you aspire to check your wife’s location then you can download Phone Spying. This is yet one of the easiest and useful sites to keep an eye on where your partner moves. There are many more things you can do with this application, and it is very advantageous, all the services are packaged in a single envelope so that you can find everything in one go. It also provides some of the immeasurable features like-

  1. Call tracking and recording
  2. Messages Tracking
  3. Keep track of the Location
  4. Spy on social media
  5. Access Multimedia
  6. Monitor the activities on the web
  7. Remain undetected
  8. Always get notified

Why is trailing your wife’s location useful

  1. With the “help of Find My Friends” or the link mentioned above, you can quickly know their place.
  2. Elementary to access.
  3. Not a very cumbersome process.
  4. Not so time-consuming process

Is it crucial to track your wife’s location

Well, no, it is not essential to track your wife’s location. But if you desire to do so, then who is holding onto you? You can easily access to follow the location or if you don’t want to track the location, then don’t. Perhaps, it is not necessary to monitor one’s position, its all up to you!


Well, if you have made up your mind to follow your wife’s location, then let me recommend you, it is essential to catch up with  every point without your companion acknowledging regarding this, it is your obligation to take care of all the above-mentioned features, once, you are done following the preceding aspects, you are all set to go and follow every path your partner takes!