3 Ways To Spy Android Without Having Target Phone
3 Ways To Spy Android Without Having Target Phone

Most of the people in the world are using android phones because they are affordable and contain multiple features.

Unlike iPhone, Android phones are available in different brands and different price ranges. Nearly 70% of the world population uses android phones.

If your kids, partner, or employees fall into this category, you need to spy on their phone. There are different methods available for spying on android phones.

It only works with android phones and tablets; you cannot use it for spying on any other phone.


Android Spy

Android Spy
Android Spy

There are many benefits of spying on android phones. You can use all these features and get all this information.

  • Call Spy: You will be able to spy on all the calls. You can check the call logs, type of call, caller’s details, and call duration.
  • Messages Spy: You can also spy on all the messages on the phone. You can open all the messages and read the phone conversations.
  • Location Spy: It will also help you to spy on the phone location. You can check the live location as well as past locations.
  • WhatsApp Spy: You can use this feature to spy on WhatsApp on the phone. You can use it to read all the WhatsApp chats and check the media.
  • Social Media Spy: You can also spy on all the social media apps on the android phone. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, as well as Snapchat.
  • Multimedia Spy: This feature helps you to spy on all the media files on the android phone. You can check the images as well as videos.

Three Ways to Spy on Android Phone

There are plenty of ways by which you can easily spy on an android phone. However, if you don’t have the phone with you, there is no other option. You need to use the phone once to install the software in it. After that, you don’t need the phone for spying. Here are the three ways you can use for spying.

#1. PhoneSpying


PhoneSpying is the most popular phone spying app specially designed for spying on an android device. You can use this app to spy on all types, brands, and versions of android phones and tablets. It is by far the simples spying app. You cannot use this app to spy on the phone with any other operating system other than android. It contains multiple phone spying features. You can use any of these features to spy. The best thing about this app is that it is very easy to install. You don’t have to constantly use the phone for spying.

Steps to Spy on Android

To use this app for spying, you have to follow the steps to use it.

  • Step 1: Download & Install
    First, you need to install the app on the phone. As it is android phone spying, you need to download and install the spying app on the phone at app.phonespying.com. You have to use the phone one time.
  • Step 2:Setup Account
    Second, you need to register your account. It will help you to spy on the phone. You can use the signup option to create your account.
  • Step 3: Monitor
    After that, Once it is done, you can log in to the account and use any of the phone spying features to spy on an android phone.

#2. TheTruthSpy


TheTruthSpy is another android phone spying app you can use. If you specifically want to spy on an android phone, you can use this app. It supports only android phone and tablet spying. This app contains multiple phone spying features. You can use all the features of the app for free. It is a free spying app. It is very easy to use.

If you want to use this app, you need to create an account at thetruthspy.com. After creating your account, you need to set up the app on the phone. You need to use the phone to set up the app. Installation is compulsory in android setup. After the setup is done, you can simply log in to the account and use any of the phone spying features to spy on the android phone.

#3. AppSpyFree


As the name goes, it is a free phone spying app for android devices. You can use this app to spy on android phones and tablets. This app is very easy to use.

To use this app, you need to create your account at appspyfree.com. After that, you need to set up the app on the phone. You need to use the phone once to set up the app on an android phone. After the setup is ready, you can log in to your account and use the options given on the dashboard to spy. You can use the call spy option to spy on all the calls on the phone. Similarly, you can use the message spy option to spy on the messages on the android phone. You can also use the location spy option to spy on the phone location.


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