Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker: Track a Cell Phone Location

Free GPS Tracker: Track a Cell Phone Location
Free GPS Tracker: Track a Cell Phone Location

What is a GPS Tracker?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System; it is an inbuilt feature in smartphones to determine the location. GPS is used to know directions, book a cab, order food online, etc. With a GPS tracker tool, you can easily spy on someone. It enables users to know the real-time location of the target. It is used to track their location and know where they have been. A GPS tracker also helps you to understand the current location of the target. All their location data is saved. By using this tool, you can,

  • See the target’s location on a detailed map.
  • Check travel history and route history with time.
  • View location details like location time, address, coordinates, etc.
  • Record their location history.


Why use a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker can be used for various purposes,

Find the location of the child

Parents can use this tool to find the current location of their child. Sometimes children lie to you about going to a party or bunking schools. By using this tool, you can easily catch their lies and know where they have been.

Monitor employee’s location and activities

Sometimes, employees need to travel abroad for work. By using this tool, employers can keep a close watch on the employee’s location. They can monitor all their activities abroad. They can also catch the employees when they are lying about being sick or late to work.

Check your partner’s current location

This tool can be handy for partners to know their spouse’s current location. One of the best and simplest ways to expose their lies and catch them cheating. It can also be used to know when they will arrive home or know if there are safe.

Monitor your kid’s activities

Parents can track all their kid’s activities with this tool. They can know if the kids are really at school or where their kids are hanging out. It can also be used if the kid is not home on time or not answering their phone.

To find a missing person

If a person goes missing, you can track their GPS location to know where they are. It is mostly used in case of kidnapping. Police can easily find out which all places the missing person has been to and start their investigation.

How to track a cell phone location with a free GPS tracker

How to track a cell phone location with a free GPS tracker
How to track a cell phone location with a free GPS tracker

Follow these steps to track a cell phone location with a free GPS tracker tool.

Download PhoneSpying application

You need to download the PhoneSpying app as it has one of the best free GPS tracking tools. It is free, safe, compatible, and undetectable. Download this application form the website It is safe to download directly from the website.


Install the application

The next step is to install the application. Start the downloaded app and click on install.


Now you need to sign-up to create your account. Fill all the registration details carefully to create your account. Your information is safe and secured.

Enter the target’s information

Once you create an account, you need to login and enter the details of the target like name of the target, device name, and age of target. Make sure all the details are correct.

Download and install in target’s device

In this step, you need to download and install the application on the target’s phone. Before downloading, disable the security and allow unknown sources in the settings menu. Without this, you won’t be able to download it on their phone.

Enter login details

After downloading and installing the application in the target’s phone, open the app, and sign in using the account you have created. Make sure the app is hidden, so you don’t get caught.

Sign in to dashboard and monitor

Now you can sign in to the dashboard on the website and start monitoring. You can go to the dashboard and check the target phone’s current location. All their travel locations will be saved on the dashboard. You can easily know where they are or where they have been, at what time they have been there, etc.


This is how you can use the PhoneSpying application to track cell phone locations. Along with a free GPS tracker tool, there are many other spying tools and features on this application. All you require to do is simply download it for free and check out all the amazing spying tools.