PhoneSpying: Best Free Phone Spying App

PhoneSpying is one of the best free mobile spy application for android and iPhone users. This spying application is free and 100% legal. It is used to monitor various activities on a particular smartphone. This application has been in the market for more than five years. More than 5000 android users and more than 1000 iPhone users use this application for monitoring. From all the statistics gathered, it is proven that the PhoneSpying app has a 96% client retention rate. This means out of all the clients who have used this application for the first time, 96% of clients have gone with this application rather than switching to some other spying application.

What is PhoneSpying - Best Free Phone Spy App
What is PhoneSpying – Best Free Phone Spy App

It is clear proof that most people prefer PhoneSpying instead of other spying applications in the market. In this post, we will discuss why PhoneSpying is the best mobile spying application.



Who Should Use Mobile Spying Application

Many people can use this application, but mostly it is preferred by parents and companies.


Parents can use this application to monitor activities on their kid’s smartphone. Nowadays you can access anything through the internet. Kids can learn and watch many things they aren’t supposed to. With this application, the parents can keep a close eye on what their kids are doing on their smartphones. It helps to guide the children and save them from the dark side of the internet. With the location tracker, they can ensure their children’s safety and know where they are. They can also check their social media account to see if they are sharing private information with strangers.


It can also be used by a spouse to check if their partner is loyal to them. It is one of the best applications to know if your partner is cheating on you. With this application, couples can also know their location to make sure the partner is safe. It is helpful for those working night shifts and traveling abroad for work. This application helps to build trust.


It can be used by employers to check if the employee is working or not. Companies dealing with sensitive information mostly uses this application to see if employees are leaking the information. The companies can easily monitor the employees and their performance through this application. It is also used for safety purposes to track the employee location.

How to Use Mobile Spying Application

How to Use Mobile Spying Application
How to Use Mobile Spying Application

You have to follow three simple steps to use this application.

Step 1: Download and Install PhoneSpying

Step one is to download and install this application on your target phones. This application is available on PhoneSpying website. You can download and install it on android and iPhone devices. You can use it on your phones or tab. Download PhoneSpying App At:

Step 2: Register or Login Account

After downloading and installing this application, you have to register as a new user on the Client App. You have to fill all the details required for registration. This information will remain highly confidential. After this, you will be able to spy on calls, messages, social media, track location, and many more activities on the target phone.

Step 3: Control Panel

Once you register yourself, you can easily log in to this application and access the control panel. On the control panel, you will be able to view all the data that is tracked. This application has a very extensive dashboard wherein you can control everything. You can check the Live Demo of this application dashboard on its website.

Powerful Free Mobile Spying Features

It has many powerful features like:


Why should you Use Mobile Spying Application

Here we will discuss why you should use this application and what makes this application so much better and more comfortable than all the other spying applications available online.

Why should you Use Mobile Spying Application
Why should you Use Mobile Spying Application
    • Best parental control application

Well, the number one reason why you should use this application is that it is one of the best apps for parental control. If you have kids, or you know someone who has kids that need to be monitored, you can suggest this application. It has many features to monitor most of the kid’s activities. You can have total parental control on your kid.

    • Award-winning free application

It is an award-winning application. Most of the spy application is either fake or expensive. But this application can be trusted as it has won awards and has been in service for many years. It is also available for free. You don’t have to purchase this application.

    • Undetectable

It is one of the most promising features of this application. Your target will never know if they are being spied on. You can go undetected and easily spy on your target.

    • Monitor various devices

You can monitor activities on multiple devices like,

      • Android Phone
      • Android Tablet
      • iPhone
      • iPad
    • Easy Installation

This application is very easy to download and install. The procedure is very simple. Once you have downloaded this application from the website, you need to install it with just one click.

    • Easy to use

This application is very user-friendly. You can easily register, login, and access the control panel. You don’t need to learn a programming course to access this application. Anyone who knows Basic English can use this application.

    • Best application to control employees

It is one of the best applications to monitor employees and track their work. Many companies invest in this application to keep a close eye on their employees. It is done to make sure that the employee is not leaking sensitive information. It helps the employer to protect their company from frauds.

    • Extracting files

You can easily retrieve files like music, images, and videos from the target devices with this application. It saves time, and sharing files becomes easier.

    • Extensive dashboard

This application has a comprehensive panel with many features. The dashboard is easy to access. You can check the live demo to access the demonstrated dashboard.

    • Privacy Policy

This application has a privacy policy, which maintains the privacy of the information provided by the users. You do not have to bother about your information being leaked. Your personal data will be secured.

    • No illegal activities

There are terms of service you need to agree on before using this application. It is like a legal agreement that you will not misuse the personal information, and no illegal activities will be done. However, you cannot install this application on the target’s phone without their consent.

    • Customer Support

This application has an easy website to access. There is also a customer support team, where you can e-mail your concerns and get them solved.

    • Client Retention Rate

It has a 96% client retention rate, likewise.

    • Number of users

It has more than 5000 android users and more than 1000 iPhone users.

    • Trustworthy

This application has been in service for more than five years, which means it is trustworthy and genuine.




These are all the reasons why you should use PhoneSpying instead of other spying applications. It has all the qualities of ideal spying software, i.e., it is trustworthy, free, easy to install and use, has extensive features, maintains privacy, undetectable, and is legal to use. You won’t get all these qualities in any other spying application. Moreover, we can easily conclude that PhoneSpying is the best free mobile spy application.