Spy Call

Spy Call: How to Spy Call Logs

Spy Call: How to Spy Call Logs
Spy Call: How to Spy Call Logs

What is a Spy call?

A spy call is a spying feature that enables you to spy on the call logs and call the history of the target’s phone. By using this application feature, you can easily know who the target is talking to? All the outgoing and incoming calls on the phone, details of the caller like name, contact number, email id, etc. This application is very useful as you can get all the information on the caller easily.


Why should you use a spy call?

Earlier people used to communicate via letters and telegrams. But due to advancement in technology, people now use wireless cell phones to communicate. Smartphones have taken communication to an entire new level. You can easily make numerous calls on your smartphone. You can save the friend’s details on your phone like, name, contact number, etc. and easily make calls.

Calls can be connected within seconds, and you can enjoy talking to your loved ones by dialing their contact number. Calling is one of the prime features of a smartphone; that is why many people still prefer to communicate via calls. But if you notice your kids or spouse spending too much time talking on the phone, you need to be alert.

Your kids could be talking to a stranger and sharing all private information with them. And it is also possible that your spouse is cheating on you. You can just ignore these things. You need to know who they are talking to, without getting caught. For this, you use the spy call feature. It will help you to spy on their call logs and call history. This way, you can know the truth.

Who should use a spy call?

This spy call feature can be used by,


If your partner is spending too much time talking on the phone with someone, you need to spy on them and know who they are talking to. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a spy call feature. It will help to spy on the call logs and call history of your spouse’s phone.


Parents should know who their kids are talking to. Kids are naïve and can be easily fooled. You can use a spy call application to know who your kids are talking to. If you notice they are talking to strangers, you can warn them.


Employers can use a spy call to monitor their employee’s call logs and call history. It is necessary to make sure that they are not sharing sensitive information with your competitors.

How to spy call logs

How to spy call logs
How to spy call logs

If you want to learn how to spy call logs, you need to follow the steps given below.

Choose the right application

This step is crucial. There are many spying applications available in the market. You need to choose the cheap and best spying application. PhoneSpying is one of the best free spying applications available for Android and iOS phones. If you have a budget problem, you can use this application as it is affordable. This application will give you accurate results. Apart from spy calls, users can use this application to spy on social media, track location, spy on text messages, etc.

Allow unknown sources

Before you download PhoneSpying, make sure you allow unknown sources option in the settings menu. Without enabling this, you can’t download the application.

Download the application

To download PhoneSpying, you have visited the website phonespying.com. There is a downloading link on the website. Click on the link to download. It is safe to download from the website.


Install the application

After downloading, open the app and tap on install to start the installation. You can only access this application after it has been successfully installed on your phone.


New users have to register and create an account. Fill all the details correctly for registration. Once you register in your account, you can simply log in using your id and password.

Private area login

To start using this app, you must go to the private area on the application and enter login details.

Enter the target’s details

After you are successfully logged in, you must enter the target’s phone details like the name of the device, model, contact number, etc.


After entering the target’s device details, you will be able to monitor all their call log activities on your dashboard.


These are the steps you need to adhere to spy call logs. You can easily track all their call log records like incoming and outgoing calls and call history by using a spy call feature on PhoneSpying application.