Text Message Spy

Text Message Spy: Ways to Spy on Text Messages

Text Message Spy: Ways to Spy on Text Messages
Text Message Spy: Ways to Spy on Text Messages

What is text message spy

Text message spy is a feature of spying applications that allows you to spy on the text messages received and sent on the target’s phone. You can secretly spy using this feature as it is undetectable. Many spying applications in the market has this feature. With the help of text message spy, you can keep a close eye on your loved ones. This feature enables you to,

  • Check all sent and received text messages.
  • View all the deleted text messages.
  • Check the sender’s personal details.
  • View date, time, and other information about every message.


Why should you use text message spy

Text messages are widely used nowadays. Whenever you check your phone notifications, there is always one notification for text messages. We don’t even realize how frequently we use text messages for communication. Even with the rise of WhatsApp and other messaging applications, people still use text messages for important communication i.e., all your essential banking alerts, OTP’s, and notifications are sent through text messages. If you want to safeguard yourself against scams and frauds, you must use a text message spy. You can also use this feature to check on your kid. It can also be used to spy on your partner. With text message spy, you don’t even have to touch the target’s phone, and you can simply use it from your phone’s dashboard. It is convenient, easy, and safe.

Who should use text message spy

Text message spy is for all those people who need to monitor their or someone else’s text messages. It can be used by,


Most of the time, text messages are used to share highly sensitive information, i.e., bank account details, passwords, one time passwords, debit, and credit card details. These details can be easily misused if someone hacks your phone. So in order to save yourselves from scams and frauds, you can use text message spy to know if someone is tampering with your messaging application.


Parents can use text message spy to check on their kids. You should know who the kids are texting these days and what information they are sharing with others. This feature helps you to keep a close eye on them.


Spying on text messages is one of the best ways to catch a cheating spouse. If your partner is always texting on their phone, you can use this application to check if they are cheating on you.


Employers dealing with sensitive business information can use this spying feature to monitor their employees. Moreover, it enables the safety and security of the business.

How to spy on text messages

How to spy on text messages
How to spy on text messages

In order to spy on text messages, you need to follow the steps given below,

Choose application

The first step is to choose a spying application. From all the spying applications available in the market, PhoneSpying is best suits your needs. It has strong and effective spying tools, multiple features, legal, safe, free, undetectable, and provides accurate results. Many spying applications are either expensive or illegal, so it is safe to use PhoneSpying for all your spying work.

Download and install

In the second step, you need to visit the website phonespying.com to download this application. Moreover, a download link is available on the website. It is the safest way to download. After the download is completed, open, and application and install it. Make sure you install it successfully.


Set-up account

In case you are a new user, you will have to register to create an account. Enter all your basic details to create a new account. After the registration is complete, you have to log in using your id and password. Once you are able to login correctly, you can set-up your account and dashboard.

Connect with the target device

To connect the target device, you need to enter the target phone’s details and target details like contact number and email id. After entering the features, you can easily monitor the text messages on the target’s phone, likewise.


Now you can log in anywhere, anytime, to start monitoring the activities. Moreover, it is easy to use and hassle-free. Monitor the text messages on your kid’s, partner’s, or employee’s phone without getting caught.


These are the steps you have to follow to spy on text messages. By using the PhoneSpying application, you can even check the multimedia messages exchanged between parties. There are a lot more varied features available on this application.