How to spy someone's WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

Learn To Spy Someone’s Whatsapp Without Touching Their Cell Phone

WhatsApp since its launch has remained one of the most used social media platforms. It has made the world flat and connects people across the globe. Despite its popularity and safety measure, there are lots of people who fall prey to cybercrime, especially under- aged children. So, it becomes imperative for the parents to protect their wards from cyber threats through it. It is one of the most popular amongst all the social media platforms users use nowadays.

Learn To Spy Someone's Whatsapp Without Touching Their Cell Phone
Learn To Spy Someone’s Whatsapp Without Touching Their Cell Phone

People use it across the globe to share pictures, messages, live videos, and their stories and for much more. It is second to none in case of the extent of use and it is equally famous amongst all age groups. It has become a routine activity for most to share files on it. It is of much use for business as well. People use it to share business-related content as it saves a lot of time and effort. The best part is that you get an acknowledgment of receiving your message.

Spy applications at a glance

Spy applications can be best utilized in such situations. These applications enable you to spy actions on the targeted phone. Hackers can easily read all the conversations of your wards or employees. You can get complete details with time and date and other crucial information like senders and receivers. This spy app allows you to monitor a cell phone. With its aid, you will be able to trace their log and text data.

The best and foremost one-stop solution to finding the right free mobile app for yourself is PhoneSpying. It will give detailed information in terms of data and articles regarding free mobile Spy apps. You can always visit and get to know about the features, prospects of various spy apps. On this website, you can compare various Spy apps comprehensively and choose the best fit as per your needs.

Why do we need a spying application

If you worry about what your children do on this application or you want to spy on friends or spouse account then this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we are going to mention about many ways to spy WhatsApp account even if you do not have the target phone with you. It can be a well-organized tool that allows you to check your ward’s online activity or activities of employees during working hours. An employer is always looking forward to tracking the communication of its employees.

Does this enable the employer of knowing whether employees are working property? Have they shared any important information with other sources? And the best part is that you need not be a computer expert to use the tools we are going to suggest to you. Any person who understands the use of software and mobiles can make his task of spying easier. Moving forward in the article we are going to mention the top spying applications in the market. With that, we are going to bring their features in the notice of our readers. This will enable our readers to make informed decisions in case they need one.



This is a wonderful application that helps you to track the WhatsApp activities of the target mobile phone. This is a convenient tool comes at the rescue of worried parents. This works equally fine with all mobile operating platforms which makes it one of the most compatible with the lot. With this, you remotely track and monitor all activities on a target device. The best part remains that you can spy on other devices from a distant location. Hence your identity as a hacker remains safeguarded. It offers amazing and efficient features.

You can track WhatsApp, the hidden WhatsApp content and even call records. With this, you become potent enough to block any of the web threats that are trying to creep in the target device through WhatsApp. It is one of the leading applications in terms of customer rating and satisfaction. This is a testimonial to its potent after-sales support. This makes it worth a go. And its affordability makes it suitable for your use.



This is also one of the commonly used applications for spying. It is convenient to use and comes at an affordable price. This becomes even better as it can save you your identity as a tracker. As a hacker, you can get success to the target phone from a distant location. It gives you access to all data and multimedia information on the WhatsApp account on the phone. It is compatible with most of the leading browsers. Now you can remotely track the messages on the social media applications of the target device.



This software is compatible with all platforms of mobile phones and tablets. The best part of this application is that the identities of the mobile phone that are tracking remains undetectable. Through this application, you can track SMS, call logs, etc. The best use of this application is spying on WhatsApp of the target device. Apart from that, you would enjoy unlimited access to other social media accounts as well. You would enjoy the ultimate power to block the threats on your kid’s phone from a distant location.


This is one of the most potent software when it comes to spying WhatsApp. But its efficiency is not only confined to spying WhatsApp, but it is also equally efficient in spying other stuff as well. This comes with a lot of other features as well. You can track SMS, calls logs, social media applications and lot more though this. When it comes to WhatsApp then you will enjoy complete access to the hidden data and videos as well. Hence it comes handy for tracking the mobile phone device of your kids.


It enables you to view Whatsapp activities remotely and helps you find the messenger credentials of somebody. It does not require rooting to spy on the targeted device. It is discreet, works remotely, trustworthy and simple. There is no requirement of rooting. But the only issue remains that the free version of this application gives limited access to its users.


This is a useful application that can save communication history in the targeted device and shares it with you. The communication history includes text messages, multimedia activities, etc of all kinds of social media applications. This app requires rooting the device for trouble-free utilization of most of its features.


It is an observation application for targeted devices. The application works with the most updated versions and all mobile platforms that are generally used. There is only one shortcoming of this application that it works only with Android Smartphone. You can track photos, chat messages, and videos with this application. This makes it a potent application for spying WhatsApp of the target devices but it comes with a hefty price.


By the end of this article, we hope you must have got some idea of the leading applications to track social media accounts in the market. If we compare the attributes and features of these tools, then we come to understand that PhoneSpying is the most reliable and efficient application to track a WhatsApp account of the target cell phone. This is important to understand that with this application one needs not to have a physical presence with the device hence one can easily spy on the target device remotely. The combination of its features cost-effectiveness, reliability and after-sales support makes it a clear favorite.

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Learn To Spy Someone’s Whatsapp Without Touching Their Cell Phone. You can spy WhatsApp, the hidden WhatsApp content and even call records.

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