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WhatsApp Spy: How to Spy On WhatsApp

Well, WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used communication applications. Almost everyone has a WhatsApp account these days. It is quite simple too. You only need a sim card number to create an account on WhatsApp. After that, you can easily chat, send multimedia messages like audio, images, and videos to your contacts on WhatsApp. Nowadays, there are special features where you can make voice as well as video calls on WhatsApp. It has also introduced a new option like Snapchat, wherein you can upload photos, videos, and text in your stories, which is visible to your selected contacts for 24 hours.

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WhatsApp Spy: How to Spy On WhatsApp
WhatsApp Spy: How to Spy On WhatsApp

Concerns Present

Because of all these features, WhatsApp has become one of the biggest concerns for parents. Young kids have started using WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and relatives. But it is also too risky as people only need your contact number to view your profile and activities. Your kid could be chatting with a stranger or sharing personal photos and information with them.

They can also be blackmailed, bullied, or threatened on WhatsApp. Because of this concern, it has become necessary for parents to spy on their Kid’s WhatsApp account. You can’t just simply ask kids for their phone, or else they will become averse and alert. Moreover, you can also spy on your partner if you notice they are always on WhatsApp or if you think they are cheating on you. You need to spy secretly. For this, you can use the PhoneSpying application wherein you have a special feature called WhatsApp Spy.

To Spy on WhatsApp you need to follow these steps

To Spy on WhatsApp you need to follow these steps
To Spy on WhatsApp you need to follow these steps

Allow Unknown Sources

This is the first and most crucial step. You need to go to your phone’s settings icon. There you need to search for the Unknown Sources option. Once you find it, click it and allow unknown sources option available. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to download the PhoneSpying application.


The second step is to visit the application’s official website i.e., phonespying.com. Make sure you download this application from the website only.


Once you visit the website, you will find a download option on the front page. To download this app, you need to click on the download option.



After the application is downloaded on the phone, you need to install it. Immediately after the download is completed, there will be an install option highlighted. Click on the option to install the MobileSpyFree application on the phone.

Open App

Once the application is downloaded and installed on the phone, you will be able to view the application in the menu bar. Click on the application logo on your phone to open the app.


Once the application is open, you have to register or login as a new user. Fill all your details to register your account. After registering, you need to login to your account using your registered login id and password. Always remember your id and password. You will be able to access the control panel after you login.


On the control panel, you need to select the WhatsApp Spy feature to spy on the target’s WhatsApp account. To do the same, you need to enter the necessary details of the account you want to spy on. Ensure you enter all the correct information.


After you enter the details, the WhatsApp account can now be easily monitored without being detected, and you can view all the features like chats, contact details of the receiver and sender, pictures, videos, images, contacts, voice notes, and files shared on WhatsApp. You can also monitor the call logs, status updates, and views. Moreover, you can even check all the deleted conversations. You can monitor all these details without the fear of getting caught as these applications run in the background and are hidden.

Why need PhoneSpying for spying WhatsApp

Why need PhoneSpying for spying WhatsApp
Why need PhoneSpying for spying WhatsApp

These are all the stages that you need to follow to spy on WhatsApp. There are also some new exciting spying options to spy on WhatsApp.

Listening to WhatsApp Calls

PhoneSpying has an ambient listening feature. With the assistance of this hack, you can easily listen to the calls made on WhatsApp. The voice quality is clear, which helps to understand each and every word correctly. You can also record the call and listen later.

Tracking real-time location on WhatsApp

If the target phone’s GPS location is on, you can track their WhatsApp location online.




This is all you need to do in order to spy on your kid’s or partner’s WhatsApp account. By using this application feature, you can help your kids if they are in any danger or stop them from doing something they are not even aware of. You can guide them in the right way if you know they are about to do something wrong. You can also catch your cheating spouse or check if they are loyal to you. Spy now or regret later.