10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

PhoneSpying Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

In this post, we will discuss the 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features every mobile spying application should have. These features are a must to spy on kids, spouses, and employees. Here is a list of 10+ free mobile spy features.

PhoneSpying Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features
PhoneSpying Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

Free GPS Tracker

The feature is a must for every spying application. This feature enables you to track the real-time location of the target phone. It is mostly used by parents to monitor their kids. It helps to know where their children are if they are going to school or bunking their lectures. It is also used to ensure their safety.

Free Text Spy

Nobody really uses text messages nowadays to chat, and it is still imperative. You want to know if your child or employees are having secret conversations or sharing private information. It helps you to view sent, received, and deleted texts. Know the sender’s details with date and time.

Spy Call

Parents and spouses mostly use it. You want to know who your kid is talking to right. It is also used by spouses to expose cheating partners. You can check call logs along with the caller details and time duration of the call.

Hidden Call Recorder

This obscure call recorder parents, spouses, and employers can easily spy without getting caught. This call recorder is hidden and undetectable. It enables you to record all the outgoing and incoming calls with the caller details and time duration of each call. You can also save these recorded calls.

WhatsApp Spy

It is the most preferred application for communication. You can share images, audio, video, location, files, contacts, gifs, emoji, and text messages through WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Spy feature, you can easily check the messages shared on WhatsApp. You can get the sender and receiver details along with all the media exchanged. It is used by parents to know what their kids are talking about or who they are chatting with. It can also be used to catch a cheating spouse.

Facebook Spy

It has the same features as WhatsApp. Parents can utilize this app to keep a tab on their children and check if they are talking to any stranger. Facebook has led to various cybercrimes. You don’t want your kids to get into all this stuff. Partners can also use this feature to spy on their spouses. Many partners cheat on Facebook. So it has become necessary to check what they are uploading and whom they are talking to on Facebook.

Instagram Spy

It is trending nowadays. Many people have an Instagram account these days. They use this account to follow the people they like and gain followers by uploading pictures and videos. You can also chat on Instagram. With the Instagram spy feature, parents, partners, and employers can check their target’s activities on Instagram and know who they are chatting with.

Snapchat Spy

This is another popular social media application. It has one of the best features which is adopted by WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. You can share photos and videos on your story, which will be visible for only 24 hours. Parents can check what media their kids are sharing on their stories or who there are sending snaps to. Partners can also spy on their spouses.

Hidden KeyLogger

The hidden KeyLogger feature, you can easily track the keystrokes on the target’s phone. This helps you to know the pins and passwords used by the target. It can then be used for hacking their phone and other applications. It is used by parents to hack their kid’s phones. It is also used by spouses to check if their partner is cheating on them. Employers can also use this to track their employee’s activities.

Live Phone Screen

This feature enables you to view the live screen of the target’s phone. You can simply click on the “live panel” option to see the live screen. It helps you to know what your kid, partner, or employees are doing on their phone. With the live screen view, you can track their each and every move and easily determine if they are lying to you.

Memos, Events, and Emails

The feature helps you to check memos, events, and emails on the target’s phone. Employers mostly use it.

Extracting Files

This feature you can extract files like images, videos, and audio from the target’s phone. It also helps you to check all the media on the phone.

Browsing History

This feature can view the target’s phone browsing history. It enables you to know what they are searching for online.

Preventing Other Applications

The feature enables you to stop other applications from running on the target’s phone. You can easily stop any application.


These are 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features every spying application must-have. You can easily find all these features in one single application i.e., PhoneSpying application. So if you want to use any of these features or a combination of the above features, instead of downloading different spying applications, you can simply download the PhoneSpying app. A single application with multiple spying features.