Spy Call Recorder

Spy Call Recorder: Ways in Recording a Phone Call

What is a spy call recorder

A spy call recorder is one of the best features of spying applications. By using this spying feature, you can easily record phone calls on the target phone. When you really have to spy on someone, the easiest way to do that is to listen to their calls. Many people still prefer to make voice calls instead of chatting and texting. Also, there won’t be any doubt as you hear the person’s voice. You can quickly identify the voice.


Spy Call Recorder: Ways in Recording a Phone Call
Spy Call Recorder: Ways in Recording a Phone Call

Why use a spy call recorder

Three types of people mostly use this application feature.


Gone are the days when kids used to share things with their parents. As the years have gone by, kids have become smart and secretive. There are lots of things that can happen on a smartphone. You need to make sure your kid is not using the phone for the wrong purpose. You can use this spy call recorder to know what they are doing.


It is the easiest want to catch a cheating partner. If your partner is spending ta lot of time on their phone, you need to take some action to spy on them. You can use a spy call recorder to record all their calls and know who they are talking to.


Spy call recorder is used by employers to spy on their employees. If you have a business, which deals with sensitive information, you need to make sure that the employees are not misusing this information. A leak of information can affect your business very severely. Use this feature to monitor your employees closely.

What does the spy call recorder do

This feature can be used for various purposes. Spy call recorder helps you to,

  • Record all the outgoing and incoming calls on the target’s phone.
  • Record call details like name of the caller, date, and time of the call and time duration of the call.
  • All the recorded calls can be saved on the dashboard.
  • Listen to the calls anytime you want.
  • Generate proof in case something goes wrong.
  • Get access to phone call history.

How to record a phone call

How to record a phone call
How to record a phone call

Here are some simple steps that you must follow in recording a phone call.

Choose an application

This first and most crucial stage is to choose a spying application. You can go with PhoneSpying application as it is trusted, free, and legal. This application is compatible with Android and iOS system. There are many other features on this application, along with the spy call recorder. You can easily spy on calls without getting caught as it is hidden and runs in the background.

Download from website

The second step is to download this application. You need to visit the website phonespying.com to download this application. Downloading from the website is safer. Click on the download link given on the website to start downloading.

Install and open the application

After the application will download on the phone, make sure you install it correctly. After a successful installation, you need to open the application on the phone.

Register and login

As the app opens, you must register to create your account. Fill all the details correctly. After getting successfully registered, try to log in to your account using your id and password.

Control center

After you log in, you can easily access the control panel. To spy on calls, you need to tap on the “control center” option and then click on the “call controls” option.

Manage watch list

After that, you have to go to the “control center” option again and tap on the “manage watch list” option to view the calls.

Dashboard set-up

Once you have done that, you can now set-up your dashboard. Here you can listen and record all the voice recordings. You can also save the recorded calls here for proof.

Hear recorded calls

Now you can easily listen to all the call recordings. On the dashboard, you need to tap on the “audiomprint” option to listen to the call recordings. This way, now you can just sit at home and know what your kids, spouse or employees are up to.



These are all the steps you must adhere to in order to record a phone call without getting caught. PhoneSpying application has this excellent feature with ambient listening, which enables the users to listen to clear voice recordings. To use this feature, you don’t have to pay a huge amount. It is available on PhoneSpying for free of cost.