How to spy on someone's text messages without them knowing
How to spy on someone's text messages without them knowing

How you can spy on anyone’s texts without knowing

Have you ever felt the need for spying on someone’s text messages? Are you responding “yes” to this? Then why not do so! Yeah!! You can have this literally!! You can read anyone’s texting without letting them be acquainted with this. Yes, there is a solution to this i.e. PhoneSpying app. This is the smart spying application that lets you get into anyone’s phone without their knowledge.

How you can spy anyone’s texts without knowing
How you can spy on anyone’s texts without knowing

Yeah!! This clever choice for spying can let read text messages on any device, whether it is Android or iOS, and that too without their knowledge. All you require is to avail of the spying services.

And you might be astonished that these kinds of applications are not so rare in today’s era. But you should choose the top-notch app for the best experience right!!

Steps to spy on someone’s text messages without them knowing

Steps to spy on someone's text messages without them knowing
Steps to spy on someone’s text messages without them knowing

Step 1: Download & Install the app

Just simply search for the PhoneSpying on your phone and start the downloading. After completion of downloading you need to initiate the account generating procedure. Wherein, you will be asked to fill in your general information.

And to do so, simply visit our official website i.e. (

Then next you will receive your username and password through which you can log in to your online account.

Step 2: Start spying

Finally, log in to your online account. Now, you browse the Control panel where you will see various options for spying, such as “Messaging”, “Social media”, “GPS Locations”, “Browser’s History”, “Calls & Contacts”, “Calendars”, etc. You just need to choose the apt option for your spying needs.

Now, when you are all set with your app and account, the next thing that you should know is functions. Yeah!! There are several functions that this app provides in just one place. Let’s hear some of them.

Functions offered by the app

You should be well informed about the various options available with this app. This knowledge can help you choose the best package of spying following your requirements.

Text messages– As we mentioned earlier already that you can spy text messages from anyone’s phone and that too without their information. You can even see the deleted texts. It has all records directly transferred to your online account.

Restrictions on the texting– Through monitoring, you can just see that what your target is doing with their phones. But it cannot safeguard your loved ones from any troubles. Hence, we have brought you another amazing feature via which you can restrict the activities of your target. Especially, it is helpful in case of saving your kids from getting into any problems.

Calls and contacts– With this spying application you can effortlessly hear the conversation that your target is doing with others. You can hear all the outgoing as well as incoming calls in real-time means in the time when the call is going on. Yeah!! This is possible and made a child’s play with us.  You also have the feature of recording the calls for either later use or proof.

GPS location– Here, you can track the real-time geographic location of the aim. Your target will not get any clue that is anyone spying on you. So, you can save your loved ones whenever you feel like something is getting wrong.

Social media platforms– Who are there that are not using any social media handles? In reality, most of the conversation is done on social sites like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. So you can see every data that is being shared on these platforms.

Multimedia files– You cannot only track down the files which are in the text formations. But also, you can easily access the multimedia files whether it’s photos, videos, or audios, etc. You can see all of them with just a few clicks. It could be either downloaded through the internet and social sites or saved in the gallery of your target.

Browsing history– You can see all the Google or chrome searches and search results. In addition to this all the browsing history on the phone even it is deleted from the phone. You can also restrict some of the sites to ensure that your kids are not indulging in the wrong and inappropriate things.


Besides the above-mentioned PhoneSpying offers many other additive features like key loggers from which you can easily read each and every that is being typed by the target on his phone. This can let you know the passcodes to variant ids.

There are a lot more. You just need to follow this link to avail of all of them.



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