How to Track My Wife Without Her Knowing

If your wife acting really strange these days? Is she ignoring you constantly? Is she always busy on her phone? If yes, there are chances that she might be cheating on you. But you can really confront her without any proof. If you confront her, she can make up a lie become aware of it.

If she really is cheating on you, you need to catch her red-handed. This you can do by tracking her phone. If you don’t know how to track a phone, we can help you. In this post, we will show you how to track your wife’s phone without her knowing.

Tracking your wife’s phone

Tracking your wife's phone
Tracking your wife’s phone

There are plenty of ways to track your wife’s phone. But most of them are risky. You can easily get caught while tracking her phone. In order to track her phone secretly, you need to use a hidden mobile tracking application.

There is many phone tracking application available online. But you need to choose an application that can easily work in the background in a hidden way. This way she will never know that her phone activities are tracked.

Reasons to track your wife’s phone

Here is a list of all the reasons to track your wife’s phone secretly.

You can track her phone to know her location. You can track her current location as well as check all her previous locations in location history. This way, you will know which places she visits.

You can track her phone to read all her messages and chats on the messenger apps. You can check all the messages, as well as media, exchanged between the sender and receiver.

  • To track her social media accounts

You can also track all her activities on social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This way, you can check who she is talking to or what she sharing on her social media accounts.

  • To know if she is cheating on you

You can know if she is cheating on you by tracking her phone. When you track her phone, you can know everything that she does on her phone. If she is having an affair or cheating on you, you can easily find out.

  • To build trust

You can also track her phone to build the lost trust between you. If you find difficulty in trusting her, you can track her phone to build back the lost trust and save your relationship.

  • To catch her lies

You can easily catch all her lies when you are tracking her phone. For example, she can lie about arriving late from work, when in reality she was at the movies with her friends.

You can also track all her call records. Check all her incoming and outgoing call logs. You can even record her calla s and listen to the recorded call later. You can save these calls as proof.

  • To collect evidence

You can track her phone to collect evidence. Often times, people don’t believe when a husband blames his wife for cheating. You can track her phone to collect all the necessary evidence you need to prove her guilt and confront her.

  • To protect her

You can even protect her by tracking her phone. Moreover, you can track her location if she is in any danger or facing an emergency situation. You can track her and call for help at the right time.

Tracking your wife’s phone without her knowing

If you want to track your wife secretly, there are only a few ways to do it. Most of the methods are either too expensive or need technical expertise. There is only one easy way to track her phone secretly i.e. by using a phone tracking application.

Tracking your wife’s phone using a Phone Spying application

Tracking your wife's phone using a Phone Spying application
Tracking your wife’s phone using a Phone Spying application

Phone spying application is easily available online. You need to look for a genuine application which works in hidden mode so that she doesn’t get suspicious. You need to look for a genuine tracking application. The best way to find a genuine application is by checking the official website and online reviews.

Read the reviews, check the ratings, compare prices, features, compatibility, ease of use and choose a good phone spying application. Once you are satisfied with it follow the steps to use it.

Step 1: Create a free spying account on the website

First, you need to register and create a free spying account on the website of the app. For this, you need to visit the official website of the phone spying application. Once you reach the website, look for the signup option. Click on the option and enter all your details to create and new tracking account. Remember your password.

Step 2: Setting up the spying app

After the account is created, you need to set up the spying application. There is a different setup process for phones working on a different operating system.

If your wife has an iPhone, you can install the spying app remotely just by entering her iCloud details. You don’t have to touch her phone. Once you have entered the details, wait for configuration.

But if she owns an Android phone, you have to manually set up the spying application on her phone. Try to access her phone for a few minutes. Once you have it, go to the application’s website and download the app using the downloading link. After it is downloaded, click on install to start installing the app. Now open the app and log in using your account credentials. After everything is set up, hide the app and delete browsing history.

Step 3: Login and track

After the setup, there is just one more step left. You need to login to the tracking application from your device. Use the same ID and password. After you have logged in, go to the control panel and start tracking her phone. Track all her activities on the dashboard.


This is how you can track your wife’s phone without her knowing. This app works in hidden mode, so you don’t have to worry about being discovered.


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